By EWALT AINSWORTH                  01 28 2014

GT big men nowadays have a mantra about little Amerindian girls:  TOO YOUNG TO GET MARRIED BUT NOT TOO YOUNG TO MAKE LOVE.

Word on the street is that  the minor who gave birth to a child while in first form at President’s college…actually the father was allegedly Minister Ganga Persaud.  A second person of the same ethnic persuasion is currently pregnant too and none other than the duo presidents have decided to draw the line and fire Ganga fuh banga.  Two at 14 perhaps is better than one at 28.  ASOMELYKAM. 

Queen Latifah administering vows to 33 gay and straight couples at Grammy award dinner in Los Angeles.

The spit-press has it too in the  IQ-592 Republic is that  QUEEN LATIFAH may be the presiding priest at the upcoming baptismal ceremony  for the 14 year old gifted school  girl that recently had a child for Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud. …Ganga….a man of ill-repute and like rat eat out he conscience too.

A GT binnie put it best and say that the man got “monkey sex glands.”    From all reports, Gaanga is an angry man and likes little girls.  He prefers them young and breastless and would pay anything to get a piece.  It has suddenly dawned on his handlers that he is an addict for love.

Close friends are snickering that the former PS has a weakness for sweetness  and can reduce himself to a quart and make his subject feel as if he is acting to promote his/her well being.
A dirty old man at first glance, who should also be sequestered into a clinical environment.  Resignation should be followed up with incarceration.

SANGAM, GARMONT, WHITE-COCONUT-TREE, U-PARTAP, 39-STEPS and OASIS weeknights.  And in Berbice it was NAGGYS or in New Amsterdam  PENNYS or  BROWN DERBY.  The PPP seems to have recruited its best and brightest from these centers and confluences of influence.

Today Local government , monster…a frequent flyer to these parlors of graft, wine, women and song is getting away with a slap on the wrist.
Allegations are he sexually penetrated a minor young lady.
Apparently the family is known and recognized by the Central Executive and the Central Executive shove Gangtsa because he banga the minor.

It is not surprising or disappointing the least bit to hear that the Local Government Minister
Ganga Persaud exercised his ‘franchise’   The PPP has never been able to attract  technocrats with the skill set of competence and plurality.  Most decisions are made over drinks and success is measured by the number of teens and in-betweens the judges and cabinet members take to bed. ASOMELYKAM.

CAPITOL NEWS – Ganga Persaud refutes sexual misconduct allegations

General Secretary of the PPP and current Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has been huddling with the Crime Chief, both Presidents and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon.  The consensus seems to have been to throw Ganga to the proverbial wolves.  Apparently Ganga read the tea leaves and cuts-out early o’clock by resigning.  His resignation was accepted a week ago but the questions of pensions and other emoluments still linger.

Clement Rohee has not been answering questions of forfeiting his  home and car and other investments he has acquired in the two years Ganga has been a local government Minister.

APNU leader David Granger opinioned that Ganga did a lot of wrong things and ought to be prosecuted.  Investigations are continuing to find out if other minors, women  and or young boys were also violated by Ganga Persaud.  In the meantime he is still in denial and has turned down counseling as an option to deal with the malady of banging minors.   ASOMELYKAM.    end



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