BY EWALT AINSWORTH              01 18 2014

The weather has not been kind to the relatives of both prominent citizens Terry Holder and Assistant Commissioner Dodson.  Last Tuesday a funeral service was executed for Ms Dodson; Wednesday was Terry’s turn and up to the time of writing there has been no let up….it look like God vex with the PPP for avoiding all the pitfalls in the society.

And it is not that the PPP is not trying.  What is evident is that they are not and least interested in a package of inclusiveness and diversity.  So many families are up in arms against them and funerals should not be staging grounds for greed and hypocrisy.   You have to born a PPP with the hair and flat behind to get them to take a look at you and your woes.  We, to them, is nothing; the avoidance dance reveals the behaviors.

Comrades, cohorts, co-workers, cousins et al came home to wish this ‘born-PNC’ people farewell, but both Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar did the avoidance dance.

The funeral parlors try to tek shame out they face and returned  the caskets to their  respective depots hoping for a better day. 

All is not well with their souls. 

Every sect, every religion, every community has rites and rituals.  The PPP has in its philosophy that black people are lower than dogs under their cast system.  And if there is any evidence of that anywhere may I submit that in a month of Sundays both Terry and Ms Dodson have been angels.

The weather is not the problem.  Scores of families along the coastal regions are going thru the same plight.  Late last year a GT binnie had to dash out from one suitcase items of food and clothing and fill it with wood to accommodate the incineration of her father.

The up-side to these delays and deferrals is that the wakes go on and the priest demands a double fare.   The musicians and beauticians and chauffeurs et al also resubmit their bills as the country garners forex. 

Another thing that is happening too is that awara seed, cookrite and banga-shell…good conductors of heat are fetching premium prices.  In Victoria too the main entrance to the burial ground is no longer through the middle walk.  Instead you enter from the western side line and exit thru the JEGGAE/CHUNCHA alleyway.

Long ago when you had dead high wine was the cure all.   Big-men used to tek a flour bag and create a jock strap to give them that extra support.  It was never about money it was respect for the service and wisdom of the deceased.  

Volunteerism is the least frequently used word in Guyana.  And same the coolie people stop accepting dowry at weddings…they only taking US dollars and sometimes Canadian.  Any other note you deh pon you own; the avoidance dance kicks in.

Terry and or Ms Dodson may not be buried this month based on certain suskaskies, as the La Rapentir Cemetery is flooded.
But it would make a lot of sense to hasten the announcement of Joe Singh…an off shoot of the Lyken family to be Prime Minster.  Delay is dangerous and it is only when you can respect the dead that you can cater to, for and with the living.  ASOMELYKAM.



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