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A Prominent doctor is currently nursing stab wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) which he sustained during a botched robbery attempt by two bandits at his clinic located at lot B, Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara last evening.
Dr. Leslie Carter 58, a former Regional Health Officer for Region four was in a stable condition up to press time.
A family member related to Kaieteur News that around 7:40 pm, Dr. Carter was about to close his clinic when two bandits entered the premises under the pretext of being very ill. The men reportedly said that they were from the Interior and had contracted malaria.  One of the men was reportedly shivering as he made his way into the doctor’s office.
Upon gaining entry, one of the bandits took a haversack from his back and gave it to his accomplice who then attempted to pull out a gun.
Upon seeing this, Dr. Carter quickly raised an alarm resulting in one of the men fleeing the scene.
The other bandit reportedly remained in the room with the doctor who continued to shout “thief! thief!” while scuffling with him
During the fracas the doctor was stabled thrice, twice on his hand and once to the side of his abdomen, after which the bandit made good his escape.
A plain clothes policeman who was the doctor’s last patient before the incident occurred, was in his vehicle outside the clinic and witnessed the bandit running away.
It was he who rendered assistance to Dr Carter, taking him to the GPHC.
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  1. This is so unbelievable,to think he gives exemplary service to that community.I wish him a speedy recovery.


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