By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                         91 96 2014

WHEN YUH  EAT FIRE YUH SHIT COALS goes an ole-time maxim.   This time an ole-time President choose the wrong bam-bam to wine on.   President Ramotar has been caught wining on another man’s private property and the escape routes are closed.   President Ramotar see the handful in she nice dan-dan and could not resist the temptation to tek a piece a-a-wine and see how he close he eye and moisten he lip and float he belly wining on somebody else ting.

Everybody else was wining but on they own ting and now the ole-man in trouble. APNU is reviewing the video and the crime chief has a job to do…if at no time at least this time.  SEE AM NA GET AM BYAH? 

 Let the record show on this 12th nite that women, irrespective of their color, class, race, religion sexual preference or any other yardstick must be protected..  Little boys and little girls must also be protected and so too must be the disabled and disaffected.

And because she is black does not give you as President the authority to wine on her bam bam, irrespective of how much you drink.  A year ago a commissioned Army Officer…Major Assanaah was brought before the courts and later court martialed after an episode with his wife sister.  El-Presidente Donald Ramotar, as head of the Army, should be handed a similar brief.
Comrade Ramotar last Old Years nite took it upon himself to rub-up and wine-up behind a woman…an old woman at that… who had to caution him:   I DOES MEK CHILDREN PORRIDGE BUT I DON’T DRINK IT.  The office of the president is trying to minimize the infraction but a wine is a wine; no means no.

President Ramotar is now whining and grinding his teeth, trying to figure out how he landed in a tight spot eh?  Pictures do not lie and the entire cabinet and inner circle…none of them with black wives, are now questioning his mental status.  Ramotar’s suitability for the higher office is also a foregone endemic conclusion.

Ramotar whining  up

Ramotar whining up

Comment from onlooker…

 But one aspect I shall expound on “why not an Indian woman?” My answer to that is black people/ women should have more self respect  and deport themselves better than that. It was a black young girl with Jagdeo whining down on him at one occasion and on another occasion doing the same thing this one is doing to Ramotar.
It sickens me when these things come out with these young black girls.
We all know just like some black girls morally they are lacking the same goes for a lot of Indian women/girls but they hide under virtue etc but lots go on in their community… but inspite of all that they are not being seen whining down on the coolie presidents. ….. don’t get me started… disgraceful.

There are some known knowns about the pedigree and classlessness of the PPP operatives.  None of them synchonise with upward mobility and respect.  A bribe at this time will not cut it. …MOON-A-RUN-TILL-DAY-KETCHAM.
The country is currently hemorrhaging with the deaths of so many beloved citizens that one can easily surmise that the out of time and out of tune president is simply out of whack.

Silence does not give consent and in this case the legal and civil rights society should rise to the occasion and re-right respect for enterprising women of color.  AMEN





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