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May 2014 Bring You Abundance and Prosperity!


May 2014 Bring You Abundance and Prosperity!

I trust that you had a wonderful Christmas; one that was joyous, and filled with the spirit and peace of Jesus the Christ.

As we enter now into a new year, we should rejoice that we have the opportunity to start anew, and/or to continue along the course we charted in 2013. Whether you are now stepping out on faith or continuing along a selected path, I take this opportunity to wish you abundance and prosperity in every sphere of your life during the year 2014.

I encourage you to begin the New Year by presenting your plans to the Lord in prayers; fasting and thanksgiving. The word of God tells us to “seek ye first, the Kingdom of heaven”.  Continue reading

The Fear Complex, the Ramotar Administration and the USAID LEAD project


The Fear Complex, the Ramotar Administration and the USAID LEAD project

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 –  By Sara Bharrat

The issue is and remains the Ramotar Administration’s refusal of the GY$300 million USAID Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project.

Shortly after 6:30pm on July 24, 2013 US Ambassador Brent Hardt addressed an audience at Cara Lodge, Quamina Street, Georgetown. Members of the government, the opposition, civil society and others associated with the USAID Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project were present.

These were Hardt’s first words to those gathered: “Good evening. Thank you for joining us this evening to welcome the Chief of Party for USAID’s Leadership and Democracy, or LEAD, project:  Mr. Glenn Bradbury.”

Hardt continued to explain that the GY$300 million LEAD project “will build on USAID’s established track record of constructive and impartial engagement in Guyana to enhance democracy and governance.  The program will engage with all actors across the political spectrum in a way that supports the interests of the Guyanese people in effective and responsive democratic institutions.”   Continue reading