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BY EWALT AINSWORTH                                                   12 18 2003

Mr. Randy Eleazer

Mr. Randy Eleazer

Senior Counsel Mr. Randy Joseph Eleazer…belated son of former Mayor of New Amsterdam…Joe senior, died a week ago.  Randy was 90 and topped the list of the proficient  British- trained lawyers practicing in Guyana.  He may have retired once, twice, thrice but suffice it to say he never stopped working.  Papa read the newspaper daily, maintained a Facebook account and if the horses were still in play he would be brisk with a whip.  Rex Mc Kay…Berbician as well, may be the last of the dinosaurs of that era still standing.

Mr. Eleazer  bears citizenship in  England and   Canada…both are now revoked permanently and indefinitely  as he moves to higher ground where no storm or sleet or rain can interrupt his noble conquests.  He was a fine statesman that was prudent and confident.  Pap exuded morality. 

One of his favorite daughters… Phyllis…a staple operative within the United Nations, had a reservation out of Africa to come see papa.  Phyllis for months kept checking and postponed all her other engagements just to be home.  Home is where she belongs and Tuesday was her   scheduled flight to Guyana.    Other siblings and immediate relatives were also mobilized but travelling is not as easy as it sounds or looks on TV.  Connections are shrewd and agents can be rude.  She did keep the appointment but is now charted with new responsibilities.

Some of the brethren here in the diaspora and there in the land, fondly remember this Pope Street New Amsterdam native.  They are reminded of all the swagger and gaffe and ganga and plurality of the man they used to refer to as ‘ten by four.’

Mr.  Eleazer had his practice inside of the FIRST FEDERATION building.  His older brother still answers the phones and an intern of the feminine species will continue where he left off.

Funeral arrangements will be cemented based on the vagaries of the weather.  His overseas families are getting in slowly but surely.   We wish you well papa.

Luther Vandross instrumental  – Dance with my father again
7th avenue  Cape  Jazz Band featuring Jonatan Butler

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