By EWALT AINSWORTH                              12 15 2013

33883_10200269389674297_1300144412_n Strange strange strange  things are happening within  the  upper ranks of the Guyana Police Force.   BARRON (BV) Touchau and Assistant Commissioner Deryck Josiah is now dead after a fender-bender accident in Region  3… three weeks ago.  Since his elevation Mr. Josiah has had to give up his ancestral roots as a condition of service.  Some servicemen have even had to switch up the ethnicity of their families.  Former Commish Winston  Felix did not switch up  and his seat on the throne was short-lived.  The next in line Commish…notorious Big-Greene had a motor vehicle accident in Region Three and just when most thought he had survived …bhoom…the best worst happened.  Greene is smelling daisies and carrion-crow blossom from the roots.  All across Guyana cemeteries are under water and the Josiah family now has to gather awara seeds and coconut shell banga to cremate their favorite son.  Funerals are exposing the lack of development of the society and the ferocious genes of the politicians; survival is victory and victory is survival. 

 Touchau Josiah was the man in charge of  the expanded and expanding A-division but recently has been questioning the Chinese and East Asian prevalence  in  the City.  No active Police member speaks Mandarin or understands the cultural nuances and behaviors.  More guns are outside Linden car park than a salf fish and bake.  Or a roti and curry and or a curry roti.    Drugs and privileged operatives and the addition of ten thousand new cars every year are questions that go unanswered.

Mr. Josiah, from a professional stand point, has been asking the right questions and trying to make policing a community based activity in relation to the operational limitations, resources technology, questionable loyalty and migration patterns of policemen.  Seventy per cent of  policemen and women are in the throes of migration and awaiting visas to travel.  The nation on the other hand is experiencing a gig-economy in which employment opportunities are not sustainable and benefits are equally squalid.  Women power up 8-balls and imbibe from sun-up to sun-down.  It is not unusual to see women drinking straight from bottles and or straight up.  High school students are also consuming more beer and IPR…INSTANT PANTY REMOVERS than either parents.

Teachers are not investing in their charges and the Presidents are not connecting but collecting perks and allowing a reckless class system to strangle civility.   The police training has not kept pace with the reality of the devolving society and Touchau Josiah took the brazen initiative to go public.

Last  Saturday December 14,  Commish Leroy  Brummel made a very unusual public appearance with el-Presidente  Donald Ramotar.  In the Guyana playbook that is an exceptionally rare and rear move.

 Rumor has it that the current Commish, under direct instructions from Home Affairs Minister  Clement Rohee, may have blood on his hands.  And to cover his own behind, may have engineered an accidental death of another yes-man who it seems was not yes-man enough.  On Friday December 13,  in the year of our Lord…woopee…three weeks after an accident, Assistant Commissioner Deryck Josiah  died at WOODLANDS hospital.

WOODLANDS is now emerging as the official slaughter house and off-campus facility for legitimizing deaths of yes-men who are not toeing the line.   The death of Josiah is also a grim reminder of a Commissioner past who wiped out Ronald Waddell to get his job and keep his job.

The Central Executive of the PPP only gives jobs to blacks who are willing to crawl on their belly and or bend down low low low.  And when they do give you the job is two of you…two presidents, two brigadiers, two commissioners.  Word on the street is that Joe Singh is Prime Minister but that is a matter for a later and more exhaustive discussion.  Talk half/leff half.

A month ago Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee spent a whole week at the Carmichael street facility and has lived to tell the tale.
The PPP no longer maintains beds and rooms for active service members…not for police nor soldiers… who are predominantly black folks.

The same GHPC doctors have private practice at   WOODLANDS.  There are no patient advocates at either hospital; black doctors are also almost non-existent and are shoved off to the regions as  GMOs.  In Guyana it is cheaper to fly to Trinidad or Barbados or even the US.   The Hippocratic advisories do not apply in the ‘two-two’ republic.

 Rohee has made no arrangements to protect the lives and well being of the men and women who  protect the republic.  Every flight out of Timehri has medical refugees…passengers who are dumped in New York and Newark area hospitals without medical coverage.
The Presidents and all the chosen men and women get the best health care at CAMP AYANGANNA.  Everybody else has to come out of pocket at WOODLANDS where nothing is guaranteed.  Unfortunately the young police officer of a different hair strain and complexion will be buried a week hence.

Last Friday nite at the Guyana Police oldies gaffe in Brooklyn the comrades were in deep shock and disbelief.  Expletives are not allowed in these notes but they still resonate in every precinct and outpost in Guyana.

Assistant Commissioner Deryck Josiah a native of BARRON …also ancestral home to KAIETEUR NEWS MANAGING EDITOR Adam Harris, gave an exclusive interview that was published recently.  Permission was not given and clearance was not sought.  Only two people…the Commish  Leroy Brummel and his spin-twin Seelall Persaud are allowed to speak to the media…Kaieteur News at that.

Touchau Josiah…a brilliant and exceptionally talented young policeman is allegedly next in line for the  top job as commissioner and his rub out may very well be a cost cutting device.  He had a window of five years if he was appointed now.  Jagdeo does anything and everything to preserve  his own flat behind.  A family groans and a nation mourns in utter silence.  PEACE BE STILL.



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