Scrunter  – Eat something  before you go


By EWALT AINSWORTH                              11 09 2913

LAPARKAN or KING SOLOMON may very well sign up shortly to deliver barrels and boxes by drones in the AMAZONS if only the Government will allow them to sign up without strings attached.  AMAZON  worldwide is experimenting with instant-immediate delivering of packages to its customers in the US on your driveway/doorsteps even before the credit companies approve the transaction.

Amazing things prompted by the thanksgiving blitz start happening.  You need bread, roti, gas…look up in the sky.  The days of FEDEX and UPS are drawing nigh.  Your medication and your lip gloss and personal hygiene signature series too can come by drones.  And like marmite, everything will be untouched by hands….  all for a few dollars more, gratuities and taxes where applicable. 

This THANKSGIVECA some 26+ million families swiped their credit cards and exploited the s additional hours of shopping on Black Friday.  CYBER MONDAY…the first official Christmas shopping day, another 57 million families will swipe their cards and procure gifts for family and friends here, there and everywhere.  Now is the time to get on line and give credence to the global economies.

As I write I am scratching my head…sometimes as often as 110 times per day…as often as some people check their cell phones.  And the reason I almost lost my head because of the lack of grace and the felt need to shop-till-you-drop.

When there is grace and gratitude there should be no pressure for one to channel all of his or her financial resources to material things.

The best bargains are felt within and never without.  One has to be inspired to exist and co-exist in this global alliance of broken dreams, broken hearts, broken homes, broken relationships and broke-open lewdness.

Putting a drone in the skies and delivering the package in 40-minutes has been created because of fear:  Too much vehicular traffic in metropolitan communities.  Physical assaults may be down but domestic abuse is up.

Sales on Thanksgiveca were in excess of a billion dollars.  A similar projection is made for Cyber-Monday…where you can sit at your computer and order in your pizza or burst-up shirt with fry fish and dahl to the side and get it delivered fast-fast-fast by drones that know where you live, how you live, with who you live and why you live.  Living made easy eh?

Most of the time too, the items delivered by drones have to be returned.  I am scratching my head and checking my cell phone to see how-the experiment with drones does guh.  Apparently the FAA is waiting until 3-25 to put the stamp of approval on the thing.  And if there is a gift or two for this equal opportunity offender a drop box is located in the People’s Republic of Victoria.   FIRE ONE FUH ME.


Ninja  –  Parang at the wrong house


Baron – Christmas  Parang Medley


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