A Thanksgiving point to ponder – From Pastor Kwesi Oginga

Otis Redding – I Want to Thank you

A Thanksgiving Point to Ponder

From Pastor Kwesi Oginga

 “In all things give thanks” is not a mere aphorism. It is a gentle command from the mouth of God who holds our existence in His hands. He created the cosmos with a purpose. He chose to award us a privileged position in His plan. We are custodians of the earth. God thinks highly of us, as individually and as a human community.  He claims us as His human family. He loves us.

He stands by us, in all situations – good or bad, as we seek faithfully to fulfill the roles in which we have been cast. For this, we must give thanks. An expression of gratitude is a celebration of the freedom God gives us; the hope that comes with gladness for life’s fleeting moments of euphoric victories we experience, as we seek to remain stable under God’s command. Be grateful; in all things give thanks.



Hert Alpert – All in The Game


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