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By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 11 25 2013

Thanksgiveca this year has lost its patina.  Prices are insane and the traditional turkey dinner has been replaced by pasta.  Pasta in the days of slavery used to be reserved for royal families and slave masters alike but a few trusted kitchen hands adopted the recipes and transferred it to their kitchens.  Buddy Hamid, a good friend and countryman, put 365 packets in a  barrel and send to Gt for friends and family as a symbol of diversity.

And as far as history goes it will not be until another 70,000 years that the Jewish tradition of Hanukkah will be observed the same day like Thanksgiving.  Some7,000  planes every hour on the hour with a million people airborne will be challenging the bad weather in every clime, every region and every ethnic enclave in America.

Gasoline prices jumped up  this week by at least 59 cents…In New Jersey gas averaged  three dollars and twenty five cents per gallon.  Milk was five dollars and  bottled water was same thing.

Some reputable stores in the Oranges were giving away free turkey after a one time purchase of four hundred dollars.  Right now the turkeys have a hang-over…they hanging over the rim of the freezers and   ice boxes.  Pisa-na-ba.

A box of pasta is retailed about 79cents and vegan and meat minded denizens alike love it.  It goes with anything and everything.  You can decorate your wall, accessories clothing, decorate with it and children can use it to strengthen their math skill.  Most importantly, it helps in the assimilation process.

In Indian restaurants a dish of curry only reveals the discolored meats.  In a Caribbean restaurant curry is rice and dahl and other meche-meche.  Assimilation is a difficult process for Indians and some of the prejudices and murders and suicides can be traced back to how we deal with food.

In Guyana, more especially, status was determined by your ability to cook from scratch…don’t laugh.  Every home, every community was self sufficient in food.  Food connotes love and where there is food there is loud sex.  These days, Guyana has become a net importer.  There is no aroma of bajee, or baigon or caurass or duck curry.

I will not implicate any further the intolerance of Indian men and how they beheading and shooting 16 times and killing they wife while sleeping.  Except to mention that  Buddy Hamid…no relation to my friend, attempted to kill his wife earlier this year fuh stupidness.  Apparently she finds it expedient to buy coffee on her way to work.  She drives but has not perfected the skill of balancing a hot cup of coffee between her legs.  She almost had a fatal spill.  Buddy Hamid saw the  brown stains on her pants and panties and determined she was out with a Blackman.  The rest is history.

Rasta or vegan can participate in the democracy of pasta.  And while for the host American a dinner will cost upwards of sixteen dollars, conscious Guyanese can flip it and chip it  and slice and dice other  condiments…all for a dollar.  HAPPY THANKSGIVECA.

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