By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             11 22 2013

A five per cent government wage increase in  Gt is not cutting.  A general strike on Monday morning seems imminent based on certain chatter and suskaskis (statistics).

The Telecoms union is willing to hit the road instant-immediately.  El-Presidente has issued a fatwah to pay all retirees  ……(83 per cent black), only 18,000 dollars ($90US) per month.  This meager freck will be good fuh the goose and gander; fuh the charwoman and manager alike.

El-Presidente Bharrat Jagdeo likes to give a calf and expect a heifer in return.  He hurts his people and then comes again and rescues them.  But this time if no other time…a blunt reminder of the 1960’s seems to be repeating itself.  History and fools make strange bedfellows.

And  APNU is in full mobilization gear in concert with the unions to stay away from all work sites, offices, fields and factories.  NOBODY MOVE, NOBODY GET HURT.

The minimum wage hovers around 40,000.00 per month…conversion….US $200.00.  No client, no citizen, no employee irrespective of race, age, sexual preference, designation and or political persuasion can live within his or her  pay grade. Not even in a month of Sundays when soup is on the menu.    The Bank of Guyana has issued for the first time five thousand dollar bank notes raising people’s expectations.    One a day will keep the protests away.

 Bribery and corruption with the trimmings of murder, domestic dispute, suicide, road accidents, spousal abuse, child abuse et al are in tandem as a decree of the political elite.  The administration has no handle on civility and a loya jorga…a council of leaders in discussion, is farthest from the menu list to fake concern. 

Graft and malfeasance are tantamount to indecency.  Money laundering is crippling the society and vulgarity is basic, normal and encouraged.    President Jagdeo gives himself a pension larger than that of Obama.  Each cabinet minister, advisor and batahaa gets equal or more than a secretary in the developed world.  Only half a dozen women benefit from this generous welfare package and none of them have black wives.   Buggery and  jiggery poogery are unintended life styles so that life continues and malfeasance… a five per cent increase is essentially two gallons of gas or three gallons of rice. 

Or if you imbibe four more Heineken or eight BANKS.  One ‘bank’ approximates GT 250,99,  A minibus tide to Linden is 1800, and  New Amsterdam which is 20 miles further is 1,500.00.  Blacks constitute 60 per cent of the active work force and are less than five per cent of the employers.  El-Presidente Jagdeo has issued a fatwah  not to pay more irrespective of place of employment.

LOW PAY AND NO PAY…NO WAY JOSE….is the slogan on the  hungry and mean streets of the IQ-692 republic.

RAM-GOAT-A-RUN-AND-KIDDIE-A-JUMP-TO-KEEP-UP…  In the eyes and veins of the PPP administration it is only East Indians who are capable of achieving and accomplishing material things…big, big car, big fridge, big drawers, big bamboo.. big everything.  There is no balance, no monitoring device and or modicum for accommodation/diversity…hence more big trouble.  Globally Guyana is reckoned as a money laundering depot and a failed and flawed republic.


Now that CHRISTMAS is in the air  and  the virtual needs of the community are not being met a loya-jorga should be imminent.  Conversations with meaning can turn things around and bring a sense of balance and tolerance to the equation. 

 Bharrat Jagdeo has re-issued a fatwah calling on beneficiaries of his welfare program to deny blacks and other minority groups wages, promotions appointments.  BK Tiwari who is emerging as Guyana’s biggest employer has been instructed not to disburse emoluments owed to black technicians and engineers.

Poular engineer and PHD graduate Mr.Inniss, who was usually paid US five thousand dollars per month, had to put up a fight and now gets half the amount. 

Fattah Murray, a sworn land surveyor with more than 39 years experience…the last seven with  BK, had to walk off the job after his salary was withheld for several months.

Monty Marshall a qualified quantity surveyor seems to have been hit the hardest by BK.  Last year this time when his son, Zwade a medical doctor was getting married in Jamaica turned up  empty handed.  Brian told Monty that Jagdeo advised him “not to pay the blackman.”  The wedding did go on but the quality issues still linger.

This week the US government has put Guyana on a blacklist as a money laundering factory.  Name the malfeasance, Guyana is steeply involved.

This is Christmas time and Guyanese as a people like to decorate and soak cake thing and change the furniture around and dash out the old and bring in the new.  More bad news in the taste and buy republic.

A lone gunman over the fortnight shot and killed four people including two policemen before he too was shot.

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee who was promised the presidency, recently declared…goat na bite me.”  Rohee is a confirmed hyper-condriac;  coolie jumbie frighten he.  Perhaps an alligator or a Cuma-Cuma fish did frighten he too,

Rohee has been promoted over the years far beyond his mental capacity.  The douglar bully has transformed Linden into a major arms dealer;  US fifty dollars can get you a gluck.  The man does not think twice to shoot-dem-up, is faking illness to see the kind of reception he will get.  Rohee was hospitalized for a week and now that he is discharged, still misses meetings, appointments and assignments.  More embarrassing no one wants to take responsibility at this juncture for Home Affairs.  ASOMELYKAM.

In the New York prison system alone, Guyana has more inmates than the mother country India with  one point four billion population.

Trinidad has more than a million and Guyana has outstripped them in terms of criminals.  Most of the crimes are related to corruption and domestic abuse.

Some were hoping for elections so that the minority government can take a rest but be reminded:  He who counts the votes, wins the elections.  ASOMELYKAM




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