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By  EWALT AINSWORTH                            11 19 2013

Hugh Saul

Hugh Saul

Mr Hugh  Asquith Saul is new Consul General of Guyana to Belize.

An international public servant for more than 50 years; the retired CARICOM Executive Director is the biggest catch ever of the Guyana Government.  Mr Saul headed up the regional fisheries authority,  and lived and worked in  Grenada, Trinidad, Barbados  and more recently, Belize City;    This week he is in Georgetown to accept the instruments of Consul General in Belize.        

Mr. Saul  is a principled leader that oft times declares independence and an absolute inner dependence especially on issues affecting social and economic programs,  Marketing and global relations seem to be the lynch pin of his career and belief system.

Celebrations have began for the native of the People’s Republic of Victoria.  Mr. Saul started his professional career as a teacher at Coverden before migrating to London in the BC….before Cheddie era and returned to be a general manager at the now defunct Guyana Marketing Corporation.

In the mid-seventies he took self exile after a confrontation with the political administration at the time as they attempted to eject him from a plane owned by sister Trinidad and Tobago.

Truthfully speaking the ditty coined after the Timehri fiasco was   BUXTON PEOPLE STOP TRAIN/VICTORIA PEOPLE STOP PLANE.  All of that is water under the bridge.

Hugh Asquith moved on to work with CIDA, a division of the Canadian Government and headed up a regional Fisheries Unit before it was absorbed by CARICOM two decades ago.

Mr. Saul will be also visiting Trinidad before heading up to Georgia and New York where he has offspring.  And December 6th he will be at his new offices in Belize City where jubilant and highly motivated Guyanese and Belizeans alike will re-embrace this noble citizen.  ASOMELYKAM.




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  1. Posted by Ben K on May 11, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Congratulations to Hugh Asquith Saul from an old school mate from St Andrew’s Anglican. I was known as BK or Buddy Khan.

    So happy for your endeavours


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