BY EWALT  AINSWORTH                                        11 11 2013

BOAT GONE A FALLS…CANT TURN BACK:  This time is the police get arrested for stealing gold and cash in the North West District.  The police provided the cover and even help kick down the backdoor of the miningfacility,  ASOMELYKAM.

Guyana police authorities over the weekend detained three employees of a Port Kaituma mining company for a gold and cash heist estimated to be in the millions of EUROS.   Another three people of interest seem to be dissatisfied and turned turtle against their buddies   giving the impression that the police responded quickly and were on top of their game.

There is no modicum, of surveillance or respect for the law.  Corruption is way of life sanctioned at the top and encouraged at every level where once decent men and women eked out a living.

 The three men were arrested in Berbice and suspected to be en route s to Suriname where they get a better rate and access to international shopping facilities.  Last year some twelve million dollars worth of gold bars were hijacked from a wooden sloop after departing Suriname;  To date no one has been charged.   The Chinese operate mining claims with impunity and the soldiers are assigned to protect them in case Venezuela  come again.

It is no secret that there is a brisk gold and rice trade  between Suriname and Guyana,  And it is only because  GUYSUCO has been unable to  meet production quotas that sugar is not sold back track in exchange for  electrical appliances, corned beef, Heineken, dish washing liquid, bottled water and materials for the building trade.

Guyanese have been catapulted into a culture of malfeasance because of the inability of the current administration to establish moral pickets and foster camaraderie between and among the peoples.

Some of the gold…approximately 100 ounces were recovered outside of Charity.  Monday is market day and hovercrafts and piracy outfits arrive from international destinations such as Curacao, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Venezuela, China, Brazil et al.

The Guyana police do not have the manpower, the skill set, the equipment nor the authority to clamp down on these illegal activities.  The police are like watchdogs…..they watch the money men come and watch them go,

Prior to the PPP era it was not unusual to see baboons feeding in the shades of the mango and coconut trees at Charity.  These days it is all week   long.  The Amerindian captains now imbibe HENNESSY and chase with HEINEKEN.  The symbol of success is open back land cruisers with music systems loud enough to disturb the peace.

One should not be alarmed anymore…not even Venezuela for the brisk gold and diamond trade in the Essequibo delta.  Gold on the black-market in Suriname fetches a street price of 200 Euros an ounce.  The minimum wage is six Euros per day…DO THE MATH.


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  1. Posted by jennifer thomas on November 15, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    What is happening in Guyana? There is so much gold and yet the economy is in such a mess .Who is in Guyana?


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