ME (ROHEE) NA-DEAD-YET   FLY-A FOLLOW-ME: Guyana’s wanna-be- president and premiere thug…his Excellency….The Right Honorable Cde Clement Rohee  is lying in   WOODLANDS…on his back not knowing when, where and how he got there .

A strong dose of Epsom salts would be enough to fix him up but he is playing a shell game of bi –polaris,  mixed with bi-lateral dating  laced with bi- sexual relations   on the installment plan.    Rohee has a way of throwing himself around and has nightly rituals that do not compare and compete with common sense.         

Some say is an overdose of cocaine while the other ones contend he had an ongoing problem with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high on a perennial high.    Some other too contend that Rohee was promised the Presidency and  Jagdeo, as usual, was merely gaffing and  building the former foreign minister up just to let him down as usual.   El-presidente Jagdeo is a strong believer in no money no love.  Rohee is broke and will always be ill and will not be president.   Again…NO MONEY NO LOVE.

The records show that one of his official wives committed suicide because of his tightness with the occult and sanga-bangering.   Whatever it is the coolie-higher ups did not stop  and or pause to  delve into the cause or caustic misdemeanors of their beloved Rohee.  Rohee was promised the presidency of Gt,  and from a psychological point of view it is not materializing and so he is playing dead to see what type of funeral he will get.

And in his own words… GOAT NA BITE ME.

 The good news so far is that Rohee’s immediate family has been given access to see him.  The flip side is that the PPP’s architect of death, premier  thug and former bouncer now Home Affairs Minister…Comrade Clement Rohee suffered a heart attack and is expected to survive.  The security apparatus has secured his computers homes and files.  Arrangements are in full throttle to have him transitioned overseas for specialized treatment.

Known on the streets as a coolie-bullie…Clement Rohee is also General Secretary of the PPP and if only he can get a police clearance and or visa for the United States he would be further elevated to President of Guyana.  Rohee would be the first douglar President if the order of succession is maintained and implemented.  ASOMELYKAM.

Guyanese of every ethnic tribe, stripe and persuasion are struggling to find a place in their respective hearts to empathise with the non-altruistic Rohee.  Mr. Rohee, in concert and express authority of his bosses, is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths due to the blunt trauma caused by the declining quality of life over the last 20 years of PPP rule in Guyana.  A mere sprinkling have been brought to justice.

Here is an official document released early Thursday evening  …CLICK HERE.



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