EWALT AINSWORTH                    10- 29 2013

WHA SWEETEN GOAT MOUTH WILL HURT HE BELLY”   El-Presidente Bharrat   Jagdeo has been able to influence return of a relative who was a declared fugitive and a police bulletin was issued for his arrest.   His crime is allegedly shooting to death on mere suspicion a mutual friend who had a beer in his wife’s company….that is all.

The highly connected young Jagdeo was chaperoned to Suriname by acolytes from an elite police outfit.   Reports also suggest that the bullet casings found on the scene closely match official issues,    The government has since invested US300,000 in forensic equipment to give the fake belief they are serious about crime and punishment.

n the 20 years of the PPP 100,000 Guyanese have been mutilated, murdered, raped,  massacred, bunt, drowned and simply left to die.  Others have committed suicide in the iq 592 republic.   For a fee the free-range el-presidente has been able to bring back his family and engineer a sham trial in which the outcome is assured for want of a viable prosecution process.   

Some of the facts emerging suggest that on September 3 Mr. Rhondi Jagdeo accused his wife of having an affair with the deceased.  Mr. Davis  is black and fits the stereotype.  Black men are ostracized for simply being whom and whose they are; color and hair determines judicial outcomes.  Apartheid in the pasture is a bruising shame.

The accused  JAGABAT drove his wife to Davis’ suburban Eccles  home to fend and prove;    Dem boy seh he even smelled  the horner-man crutch to see if he used a condom.   Davis denied and sat in the back seat trying to convince Jagdeo that his claims were bogus and psychologically tainted../  Jagdeo  lost his mind and shot both of them.  The wife at one time claimed it was a robbery gone sour but there are some other suskaskies and  known facts:  President Jagdeo will not allow one of his own kit and kin  to be incarcerated for a black man.  Not in a month of Sundays under the leadership of the baboo.

In Guyana too,  black men are seen as leaches and barnacles.  Indians are revered as the other white meat.  (I said it.)

The wife of the Jagabat has been bullied and paid off by the elder el-presidente not to testify.

Now that this deal has been made crime sleuths were dispatched to Suriname to bring  him back the coolie-bully  with the understanding that…everything is gonna be alright.

REWIND AND COME AGAIN….  Suriname authorities over the last weekend were instrumental in bringing back a wanted man who shared the same passions like his victim.  The assailant at gunpoint forced his wife to entice her paramour to come out of his home and delivered 16 lethal gunshots.  They were card bearing members for the elite ALTITUDE on Regent and Camp.  All the parties were also regulars at the LOTUS poolside bar at Tower hotel.

Word on the street is that a dear relative of  Guyana’s  colorful President…one
Rhondi Jagdeo has turned himself in for the murder of socialite and biker…Kirk Davis. Jagdeo,  suspected that his pal and best buddy Kirk was pinching his wife and so one nite  in early September went to the Eccles home of  his  alleged man-in-law and spattered his brains, back and bottom.  Jagdeo was so confident that he would be exonerated by el-presidente skipped the country via the backdoor to  Suriname.

Police Commissioner Leroy Brummel stood his ground and quietly made the maneuvers to arrest Jagdeo for the heinous pussy crime.  And when the assailant realized he was cornered 60 days later turned himself in to authorities.  ASKOMELYKAM.

Davis resided in Eccles.  The commissioner is also from that delta and at least  this one time he confronted the perennial antagonists who allow East Indians to commit crimes with impunity.
May of 2008…the same day there was a football match between Suriname and Guyana at the Providence ground this writer saw an Indian biker slap-up and beat-up his black girl friend.  Apparently she embraced one of his friends and with a fit of passion unleashed his new found power.  The police was right there and did nothing because they had no express authority to hold up an Indian man.
I have an in law from Melanie who was dragged out of a mini bus in the vicinity of what used to be VIJAY cinema.  The Indian driver of the other mini-bus attempted to overtake on the inside lane straddling road/parapet and as a result grazed the mirrors.  Both vehicles stopped and the Indian man came out wielding an axe handle  My family got a wallop on the spot necessitating hospitalisation.
Indian men bad like sore.  The falsity of WEE-TIME is cancerous and dangerous.  An Indian girl refused to give her boyfriend a top-stick.  She made a case that “we deh-pon-top.”
Rondy Jagdeo will be charged shortly in spite of his biological connections and pecuniary collection of bling and thing.    end



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