BY  EWALT  AINSWORTH                           10 03 2013

DANCE-A-BOTTOM-LOOK-A-TOP:   Dis year’s  Diwali will be damp and dowdy. The prognosis after the killing of Senor Davis is weak and some ethnic comrades are staying away fearing a backlash with lights set ablaze.  There are not enough jobs but too many holidays and too many reasons to celebrate.  Death seems to rank the highest among the reasons.

The Indian communities feel that the slaughter of their black neighbors is habitual, wrong, and illegitimate and the perpetrators and investigators alike should be rebuked and retrenched.   And the judicial system needs to be aligned t5o fair play and diligence and more aggressive.  A friend from the Maha Sabha who is willing to put his neck on the chopping block is utterly disappointed in the jagabats.  The big man bex-bex.    He will not participate in Diwali this year in protest, like the black people. 

  The bling  government is not listening to its constituents and will roll out new decorated  cars with the PSS letterings and single  digit numerals as if to suggest one-fuh-one and two-fuh-d…D as in death, disease, debt, deceit, detain,  devolve, deport, devil, delinquent and damn-dotish. D is also symbolic of dark, distress, distasteful, destroy, disable, docile, derelict, disobey, disgrace, deceptive and dangerous.  Diwali is about shining a light…making a pathway where there is none and forming alliances that no jaghabat should put asunder.  ASOMELYKAM.

Sunday is Diwali in Guyana but will be celebrated on Monday.  A shot-out to the Premie
Das family in Cottonfield, Essequibo where I participated in the celebrations more than once.

The Guyana I used to know was multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi stage and used to multiply one with another. ‘Cockie and pokey is one family’ and should not be legislated.    Diversity must be encouraged and not discouraged or else development will be illusive and elusive.  Exclusive should be disbanded from the  Guyanese lexicon.   Too many are dying because of the deliberate and overt racism as executed and extended to all visible minorities in the land of cock-a-beh and obeah.

The Guyana I used to know was conversational….not transactional.  Blacks and Indians with the Portuguese as mediators was good times.  Customs and traditions used to be shared and holidays fuh me was holiday fuh she and he and dem.  There was no such thing as we in the lexicon and dem on the streets.

Blacks were in the majority but unfortunately Ms Janet Jagan went to every bottom house, every neighborhood and mobilized black women especially to become teachers and nurses and civil servants.  The Indian women on the other hand, were encouraged to staan-home and raise their kids;

Black women started wearing their skirts shorter while Indians lengthened their dresses and stayed home to nurse the kids.  Blacks used to save their money in the post office and invested heavily in the cities.  Black women migrated from the country to the city and when they got to the supervisory and management level…bye-bye…tata.  England, Canada and America.
Indians are proclaiming the reign of Jagdeo as we-time.  They stop planting rice and calaloo and eschallot.  See dem at Harrods  London or  BANANNA REPUBLIC or even.  PRADA janmdbags valued at about US 2,800 is what they go to market with in these guava season.  And JENNY CRAIG is where they work out.  COURVOISIER is the drink of choice comrade.  ASOMELYKAM.
Twice a year the Indian girls go to the dentist….open wide and take a paxil to go to sleep after a hectic day shopping.

The coolie man on the other hand cannot keep pace with his wife.  He becomes enraged when she models in a Victoria Secret or smell the smell of perfume.  Coolie man does chop up he wife and or a blackman before drinking some gramoxone.  That way he is exonerated and may very well get 14 virgins.

This year Diwali is not about the light but the darkness that elevates light.  As Guyanese no race, no ethnicity, no religion or other litmus test elevates or makes one group better than the other.  Be still and know that we are all capable of doing for self seven days a  week and twice on Sunday.  LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE.   end



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