Eddie Hooper – Take Warning


By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                10 27 2013

BETTER BELLY BURST THAN BITTLE SPOIL. Ten massive years ago almost to the date JEGGAE  rocked the hall with his  inspirational and  perspirational  spiritual ballads and anthems.  Last Sunday the old-mass was discontinued at day clean.  The fare of foods and beverages and the speeches were more than enough.   Dosai was high on the menu list.  The only thing short was panuse from  the cow farm owned by the  Luke family. Cousin Doris Luke was 80 then.  Now that she is 90 the People’s Republic of Victoria and all attendant suburbs made it a clap-hand something.
The people spoke in scripture and songs giving credence to a woman who is not about to give up and or give in.  ASOMELYKAM.

Doris Luke 90th Birthday-1

Doris Luke 90th Birthday-1

Dr Errol Luke professor of veterinary medicine, University of Guyana, made the pilgrimage to celebrate.  Most of the other nine and thrice as many grands and great grands also participated.

The Luke family emerge from the mould of education and architecture.
Cousin Doris lives for the love of all her children, neighbors, countrymen and comrades in her adopted enclave…Brooklyn.  [Note – Click pictures to enlarge them]


Doris Luke 90th Birthday-2

Doris Luke 90th Birthday-2

And when there is pleasure the flip side is pain.  Another prominent elder from the People/s Republic of Victoria… Mr Clement Adams was cremated last week.

Clement was 74;   He is survived by his wife and children.   Clement was from a nuclear family…Sydney and Lynette and they all reside in Brooklyn.

And further u0 the road…Litchfield, the passing of Mr Robert Mc Pherson was just as tumultuous.  Robbie was a carpenter boss in Guyana and worked as an engineer  at the Ministry of Information,  He later migrated in 80s…GUYAMERICA heist and settled in the Union precinct, New Jersey.

Robbie was slightly argumentative and always eeked out a living by using  his kidneys.  We had great-great times with the BABY SHEPPERD  store as our mutual meeting place.  His sister Carol was my favorite;  don’t cry…you are a big girl.   end

Be still and know…..end



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