By Ewalt Ainsworth                 10 24 2013

Europe including Italy, Rome, France, Spain and the United Kingdom seem to be experiencing severe economic decline.   And it is the Caribbean man, the South African, the Philippine and the Nicaraguan that is holding the fort.  He and or she too is grossly underpaid and deliberately overworked so as to make a shilling or two  in a distant land  where morality is disappearing and efficacy is a long forgotten dream.

Decline lingers as politicians fortify themselves and put their supporters out to pasture like cattle.   Deceit is steeped knee high in every major European city as new brown faces… migrants … peddle everything from software to under wear in these concrete jungles once famous as centers of opulence and influence.  The burdens are tumultuous and the rewards are reckoned in faith.  The hope is for a new and brighter day and way. 

The cruise ships are ferrying moneyed boys and girls with saris, jijabs, dashiki, dread locks and accents that are far removed than the visions of Christopher Columbus.  Eighty per cent of the crew are ethnic and half of the clients are from outside of Europe.  I will reserve my comments about the heart throbbing Spanish lullabies and raps and wraps of nan and bakalow-fritters and Jamaican patties that are central to all meals and decks.  In France we even had chestnuts roasted on an open fire presented by natives from Senegal.  Europe should sport the UPS emblem and the bling bishop from Germany should be set loose on a wooden sloop  to the Congo or  Somalia.   ASOMELKAM.

The formal markets in Europe are imploding; they are taking a hit as new peoples from nontraditional climes emerge and deck the halls of success and power.  Try to imagine a karokee nite with artistes from Venezuela, Brazil, Costa Rica, Laos, Madagascar and Togo singing and dancing.  One woman from Kenya got a standing ovation.  She wooed the crowd with    BOYS TO MEN….AND I SWEAR.   I am singing it now as I write.

 The world is brown and Europe is cracking up.   Migrants from Brazil, Africa, India, China and some eastern European countries are mobilizing and galvanizing in larger numbers. Decline and deceit is now forcing major capitals into bankruptcy and raising the debt ceilings.   Social services are being cut and the arts are bludgeoned because the recipients are not the way they used to be.

New Migrants are arriving in these European cities in better physical health than their host communities and are willing to do anything in the open bazaars where poverty lurks immediately behind the screen doors.  Migrants are aggravating an already bad situation.  The true story and struggles of the  migrant workers are never told except in the attics of experience of those who came and made the sacrifice.   The bazaars do not offer receipts and or warranties;  it is caveat emptor.    The haggle makes the struggle sweet and neat.

 It is a hustler’s world this writer experienced during a ten day swing on the rough side of the mountains.  The cruise line corralled your credit card and double dipped each time you showed your teeth or affection to friends known and unknown.

The cruise lines are pregnant with deceit.  And so too are all other established and traditional businesses.  A new respect is needed for the migrant worker as he or she brings some semblance of generosity and humanness to the marketplace.  Integrity is in short supply across Europe and the new faces are filing that void.

Tourism will not right side the respective economies in Europe.
Bazaars  in the busy city centers featuring knock off goods like leather jackets, leather handbags, costume jewelry, watches, cell phones,  wines, liquors, shoes et al are adding to the confusion and conflict as unemployment in most, if not all European capitals, are fingered at 40 per cent and  above.

The euro is king and the American dollar does not stand a fleeting chance in the open air bazaars where men and women of all ages keep an eye on the policia and the other on your wallet.  Gypsies are a permanent fixture and pick pockets are more a norm than an incident.  In some parts of Barcelona, for example, the city administration has mowed down all low income houses and displaced everyday people so as to permit some semblance of honesty and security for noble citizens.

In the Vatican…in my head I thought it was pristine…marijuana permeates the air dislodging incense.  Mosquitoes….the in-house description for motor cycles are a permanent fixture.   Some even work as taxis and the policia are unable to maintain any semblance of smooth traffic and public safety.

The only beautiful thing I saw is the change down to small cars in Europe.  It was very awkward to see a MERCEDES BENZ insignia on a car no larger than a skate board or catamaran.  Europe is in deep decline.

The exchange rate on the days I visited averaged `l.48 Euros to the US dollar.  Gasoline was approximately seven Euros per gallon.   Curry chicken was about five Euros per serving; rice had to be ordered separately at two Euros and everything else was a-la-carte.

Barcelona does not rise until about ten am and goes into siesta mode by 1.30 until around 3.30.  The same behaviors are mimicked in almost all other climes.  Nite life is always rampant and the bazaars are blunt reminders that all these economies need a strong and steady dose of primary industries and competent managers.  Corruption from all indicators and malfeasance by politicians in the main seem to be taking a toll; nickeling and diming tourists with knock-off haberdasheries are a poor substitute for healthy and sustainable growth.



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