By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                10 08 2013

WHAT ELSE is a soup.  IQ-592 denizens will born and grow without ever experiencing the thrill of running in the backyard and cut off the pig tail; a hand a plantain; pull some dasheen bush; feel the fowl-bt and add some married man-poke and thing.  The collateral effect is disrupting poverty by eating what you produce.  This weekend is thanksgiving in Canada and late November celebrations will shift to America.  Same thing but different.

There is also an adage…I almost said old addage…that says he who feeds you controls you.  There is not enough food as we head into the birthday of el-presidente and  holidays.  And when the processed imported food becomes available it will be too expensive and or near the expiry date.  And as family and friends in the Diaspora do the Laparkan shuffle to disrupt poverty the US is issuing new anti-counterfeiting notes.  Bleaching of five dollar bills is a staple worldwide.  Not only in Gt. 

Canada recently took the lead recently and no longer accepts pennies in stores.  All transactions are moved to the nearest five cents…most time the retailer gains.

Do-it-yourselfers are on the rise to convert and or recycle items they had lying around and pumping new life into old things.

And if you really want to disrupt poverty one sure way is to save the actual amount you pay monthly on your car note under your bottom bed or wrap it in a zip-lock bag and put it in the crisper/freezer.  At the end of the five years go to any nearby dealership and that money will be more than enough to buy any car relevant and popular based on your zip code.

A new trend to disrupt poverty is to rent and or lease on an as-needed basis.  It makes no sense buying a car for US 20,000 when you only make nine dollars and fifty cents an hour.  The ceaseman will come thru six months hence.

Your car must never value more than 11 per cent of your income.  Young people entering the marketplace are refusing to drive.  It is the old geezers who got something to prove and want to put their face in young girl business that leasing the rims and sporting sun roof and leather appointments.

By the time President Donald Ramotar’s birthday rolls around next week or so, license plates in GT will be in the PSS range.  Each birthday signifies a new signature series.  When he came in was PPP and now that he is scheduled to leave it will be P(I)SS…the ‘I’ is silent.

There is no formula or language in the lexicon of the PPP government to disrupt poverty but instead the grand masters are laying it on..bash-bash.  Gt people stop eating home and cooking cook up and dahl and rice.  KFC and SUBWAY and DOUBLE HAPPINESS run things.   The coconut industry is in shambles and Pomeroon is no longer the bread basket for provisions.  Aliki and  Ebini are now crack houses and abandoned dreams and schemes.

 Cheddie  Jagan started it since in the  1960s by offering Indians 18 acres of land.  Black Bush Polder and Canal Polder are prime examples of welfare programs for the visible minority of East Indians.

Village folks after slavery migrated to the cities and towns and weaved a lifestyle of co-dependence.  Cooperatives and cooperation were espoused from the highest levels of leadership.  One sure way to disrupt the poverty that lingers is to grow your own food and knock your own tassa drum.  Walk if necessary, and wean yourself off the liquor and fine wine.  ASOMELYKAM




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