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By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                10 08 2013

WHAT ELSE is a soup.  IQ-592 denizens will born and grow without ever experiencing the thrill of running in the backyard and cut off the pig tail; a hand a plantain; pull some dasheen bush; feel the fowl-bt and add some married man-poke and thing.  The collateral effect is disrupting poverty by eating what you produce.  This weekend is thanksgiving in Canada and late November celebrations will shift to America.  Same thing but different.

There is also an adage…I almost said old addage…that says he who feeds you controls you.  There is not enough food as we head into the birthday of el-presidente and  holidays.  And when the processed imported food becomes available it will be too expensive and or near the expiry date.  And as family and friends in the Diaspora do the Laparkan shuffle to disrupt poverty the US is issuing new anti-counterfeiting notes.  Bleaching of five dollar bills is a staple worldwide.  Not only in Gt.  Continue reading