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The disappearance of Georgetown’s Mayor Hammie ‘BILALL’ Green during African departure month observances seems to have paid off.   The former Prime Minister made a b-line and was seen briefly on the A-train in the diaspora.  Now that he is back supposedly from Texas, according to the spit press,  he is trying to locate a vault and some personal and private items missing from his office at City Hall.  The best information suggests that the PPP wants him wasted willfully and or willfully wasted.  But this champion mayor still has a lot of twerk. 

Some say how he got cancer and how he looks bad and haul-up.  None of that is true.  Hammie also does not have a financial stake in FLY JAMAICA and stories that the airport CEO has called him in to lecture him on drug trafficking are all bogus; bogus; bogus.

The Government has jump started a vigorous clean up of the willful waste they allowed to pile up.  `

Recently the police were called out to investigate an alligator that snatched a chicken wing from a driver on Homestretch Avenue as he attempted to turn right using his hands as signal.  Cows too have been collapsing on the streets and carcasses left to rot after imbibing Styrofoam cups and plastic wrappers…items hustled in from “Venezuela and Suriname.

The PPP does not like the idea that the city council does not submit to their ideology and misguided way of doing business.  Little do they know that Hammie will not be pushed;  pushing him is a wastey cause another rasta will take his place.  His deputy is a Ms. Green…no relationship.   And while they were both away last month, the Council voted Ronnie Jordan to perform the duties of mayor.

The collateral effect of the waste build up was also sustained, deliberate and calculated to frustrate  and denigrate blacks.  But the PPP must remember that as a group collective we withstood slavery and came out swinging and purchasing villages from the slave masters.  The PPP cannot negate the existence of a noble populace that remains still and know that there are other forces at play.  Anger creates resentment and will not be wasted but managed by the informed tribes of natives.  ASOMELYKAM.

The PPP all too often calibrates its willfulness to ensure that East Indians only are recipients of their hand outs and welfare programs.  This week they announced the demolishing of Kitty market while Bourda which  is in a worse physical state will be deferred until cock roaches get visas to   FLY JAMAICA.

This week a local commission related that it was pilot error that caused the Indian brand…CARIBBEAN AIRLINES to crash at Timehri.  Ever since this report passengers are being left behind each day by the hundreds.  Those who live and work in New York are having a time of their lives convincing their employers that they are stranded in the yard.

A familiar quantity who works with NYPD disclosed that his administrators do not accept call out messages from cell phones.  And if sick the patient must be in his or her home during the hours 6.00 am to 10.00 pm during duration of illness.

Another nurse lady disclosed that when her organization is short staff, ambulances with sirens blaring show up at your apartment to get you up and out.

Afro-centric Guyanese are very concerned about the willful waste and mismanagement especially in this era of global technologies and innovations.  CA pilots are refusing to enter Gt airspace at nights to avoid pilot error and commuters are refraining from arriving at nights because of crime.  Apparently SKY CAPS and baggage handlers have a way of copying address labels and inform squaddies of potential victims.   FLY JAMAICA has had to reorganize its arrival times to ensure safety of passengers and baggage handling procedures in Gt.  In addition all outgoing flights to North America will have to go thru Jamaica for a second layer and thorough inspection of all passengers and cargo. ASOMELYKAM.

Click here for Demerara Waves story on cargo handling by fly Jamaica.                                            09 21 2013

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