By  Ewalt Ainsworth                                        09 10 2013

Guyana has lost two significant others and mothers..
Dead and buried is Ms Lucia Pollard. …a Buxtonian in name, nature and behavior.  This coming weekend Ms Margaret Ackman will be funeralised in New York.

There was a time in North America when your status was determined by the car or the house or pet or cruise or the tint of your hair.
Guyanese in the diaspora are planting and harvesting crops on their rooftops, backyard, poolside, window sills and stoops so as to stay fit nutritionally and elevate their class.   There was also a time too when your food …if grown and raised within a 200 mile radius from where you live…that is class.  Home grown food seems to be jostling other activities for maintenance of class, respect and status.  The prayer line however seems to be emerging as a tool kit while immigrant societies struggle to maintain sobriety, wellness, fitness and simply to stay alive.  The prayer line espouses miracle growth and miracle grow.

Prayer changes things;  the best class is the prayer class where you take your woes and foes to the redeemer.
Politicians lying via silence.  The fear mongering, the scarcity of food, the betrayal by friends and family plus the amount of money both the doctor and the obeah man charging is outrageous.  Nowadays if you get the bishop or the pandit or the mullah to take your call much less preside over your funeral on a weekend,  that is class.

Both Ms Lucia Pollard and Cde Margaret Ackman were stellar women;  gracious, gallant, grateful and galvanizing in their respective rights.  They were like cow-pen-bajee…running here and doing there.  And they both loved to cook and took care of family.

  Last weekend Buxton celebrated the life and times of Nennen Pollard.
This weekend, it will be the home coming celebrations for Maggie Ackman…a former  Member of  Parliament and Chief Whip.  Nennen Pollard was a latter day neighbor of this writer.
We never met even though she lived eight even doors away in an ethnic enclave of manicured lawns, praying mantises  and  lacquered driveways.  It was not until
Friday…garbage day when the truck paused to clean up her belongings that her death became known.  Garbage trucks do not stop; they enjoy a rolling portfolio. Ms Pollard, in her early days, lived and worked in Linden and migrated to North America prior to independence in 1966.
She spent most of her life in Vailsburg, Newark where she had a three-family home.
This writer at this juncture is unable to calculate the physical number of émigrés that lived and got their jump start in her citadel.

It is only in the last two years she moved to Burlington County…depleted but never stopped laying the foundation for others to take over.

 Lucia Pollard Obituary  < click

Ms Ackman was also robust in her endeavors as a politician.  Dem boy say that after she left Guyana she took the art of speaking up and protesting with her.  HINT TO BENEBA MEK QUASHEBVA TEK NOTICE.

She will be interred on Saturday in New York.  Contact the family for all details. end




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