By  Ewalt Ainsworth                            09 10 2013

It is the mismanagement of the economy, stupid.  The PPP has a way of creating solutions in search of problems.  This week, they raised the school fees for UG… dashing the hopes and dreams of those who want to elevate themselves.

Truth be told, more Buxtonians and Lindenites registered for classes this semester than any other ethnic-geographic group.   And so to further suppress and depress these cohesive and indivisible communities the PPP will further plunge them into debt.  Debt or death, are the hard choices offered by the PPP.

Meanwhile, the organizing Committee of  the People’s Republic of Victoria has put out a flyer asking for civic minded Guyanese and patriots to adopt students who are pursuing the CXC exams.  Education, which used to be free from nursery to university, is at a premium.  The PPP has created more hotel rooms than class rooms. 

The PPP shutters all schools for community activities and cinemas are a thing of the  forgotten past.  National Service also went in the same direction like the TATA buses. Now that care givers have to find uniforms and books and transportation and lunches for their young adult wardens … death and debt go hand in hand.   It is virtually illegal to dream; corruption and graft…pathways to survival.  Businessmen pay each other to kill for delinquent debts.

Books and computers have to be hauled in from overseas.   Debt is strangling commonsense and death is a way to resolving issues.  The funerals and funeralisation processes speak volumes…literally and figuratively.  Guyanese have to go into debt to bury their loved ones after unwanted deaths.  Forensic studies by curious Gt-watchers have concluded conclusively that it is the high cost of money; the unavailability of work and the wholesale handing out of arable lands to foreign communities that has a collateral effect of debt and death on noble folks.

Take for instance a man trying to strangle he wife and ent get thru.  Next thing yuh know, he commit suicide.  The man simply cannot find productive work to cover his ass.  And when money does not come thru the front door love goes thru the backdoor.  Some men can’t handle it.


The average Guyanese has a recurring debt of US 29,000.  The average annual income is four thousand US dollars.  BarefootBusinessmen seeing and knowing how money runs gives loans to these ill-advised denizens at rates upward of 30 per cent.  No signature is required.

No signature is required and no collateral is needed.  You do not pay… you are shot to death.  Matter closed.

Young policemen and soldiers work as enforcers for the loan sharks.  The banks too are knee deep in this thriving industry.  Late this month R. Kelly was supposed to appear in Guyana.  As part of the promotions, loans were being made available so that patrons can buy the US$100 a pop tickets.  Surprising to hear that DJ Cheddie was shot dead for siphoning off money from this money laundering scheme.   CLICK HERE FOR STORY ON DJ CHEDDIE.

A used car…an average of eight years from Japan costs US$8,000.  To clear the same car from the wharf the purchaser has to pay in excess of US$12,000.

Banks give out that kind of money on the basis of ethnicity and political affiliation.  Some families have as many as five cars on a public service salary.  Seniors who get an average of US 100.00 per month are also signing up and hopefully somehow, they come up with the US 250.00 to pay.

Venezuela up in Guyana ass again.  It looks like the de-populating of the region by indigenous folks and the re-stocking and re-populating with Chinese folks is stirring up new troubles.  We can only watch and pray and hope that with two brigadiers in office, the Venezuelans would feel shame and runaway.  ASOMELKAM.




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