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By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                09 07 2013

SSSSHHHHH….mek-noise-easy.   Overnite Thursday the message board read…I AM IN JAMAICA.  I AM IN A TIGHT SPOT. …TIGHTER THAN TIGHT.    And the rest of the message alluded to Jeggae celebrating a significant birthday and an amazing recovery Grace and gratitude…both critical to our survival.

Praise Drums CoverJeggae is on lockdown by design recalibrating and recapturing his youth and sharing tender moments with his family.  This Jamaica excursion…. unlike all others is a party for two with a graceful and majestic purpose.  Healing of the spiritual and metabolic wounds.
Things are tight and he is taking some time away in a distant place to resurrect his dreams and spiritual visions.  Leroy Bacchus aka Winston Hoppie is also exploring the possibility of doing another CD-album …perhaps  DISTANT DRUMS, in Jamaica.    

He has his feet on the ground and is twerking in the yard whenever time permits.

And it may be Jamaica because this new project he hopes to complete with a lap-top orchestra.  Let me rewind and come again.
The proposed  DISTANT DRUMS project will be novel in that the musicians will not have kittle and sitar and hand crated flutes.
Everything will be done strictly by computer.  And if possible each computer whiz will be at some distance away and not necessarily in the same studio rubbing soldiers and cracking jokes.

JEGGAE over the years has emerged as a computer nerd and is going places…literally and metaphorically…exploring new sounds and new effects.  The sound dimension is critical to his new wave and way of delivering the cumfa and hold yuh-belly and guh-down stlye that he has crafted.

As a boy in the People’s Republic of Victoria, the cemetery was his backyard.  Little Jones who had his offices outside of  JOHNBULL never rehearsed for his projects.  JEGGAE has gotten to the stage in his life where he is moved based on the aura, artifacts and artistes in his immediate environment.
Some say to fail to practice is to practice to fail but in his new way of thinking failure only comes when success is a distant drum.  ASOMELYKAM.

Charlie Wilson– Turn Off The lights



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by lee blumberg on July 7, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    loved seeing “jeggae” at the mystic sea music festival last month I NEED his cd (s)
    where can i buy them, pleeeeese


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