By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 09 03 2013

Perhaps as kids…YOUNG ADULTS … roll back to school there is a felt need for guides as distinct from teachers.   The current crop of teachers is empty, shallow and they are the wholesale distributors of deceit and defeat.  Sometimes they throw in political dogma for good measure.   With little or no education there will be more  calamity, obesity, robberies, road accidents,  battered spouses in both gay and straight communities,  dialysis, shootings, rape, buggery and cheating.

Guyanese are being bamboozled and tricked in every corner to believe that if given a name, a designation, a rank. A raise…a praise everything will be alright.  Landu-kapar.   

The culture promulgated is juxtaposed against camaraderie, commonsense and upward mobility. As a people we are giving into the stress…the pressure.  Now is the time to lift every voice and sing a song that will give credence to civility.  Character is preferable to accomplishments.

Guyanese seem to have a fixation with designations but little do they know that the fake appointments are manipulations and hypnotic techniques.  Beware and be aware that he/she who goes to tricks makes the person who makes the appointments invisible.  Call the names of the persons missing from the public stage and I would whistle eh?
This type of information…disinformation and misinformation puts good people in a worse position because it is share tricks of the trade in the chain of command.  TWO-DADDY-CRAPOW-CANNOT-LIVE-IN-ONE-HLE.

Every day in the news as more and more people are promoted and given new tasks and challenges there is almost a symbiotic sea change in  deaths, destruction and debris   The plural of debris in Guyana is now debra.

During African departure month, there was the appointment of a Rear Admiral.      The same day, he disappeared into oblivion under the disguise of retirement.   The rare admiral may be back soon because Augusts’ pay check did not reflect any increases.   ASOMELYKAM.

A fortnight later, two brigadiers were appointed.   More disappointments…tricks of the trade so that the crime bosses can retreat and repeat their dastardly deeds from an obsolete playbook.
Everyday since then school boy kills another; biker killed .

(click here for story on 14 year killer.

Guides…real men and women who can stand and utter words that give confidence rather than villains with fancy designations entombing and enrolling truants and mis-carriers of commonsense.

The entire PPP central executives have been misled and misguided in their Soviet style orientation.  It is a sovereign trick of the trade to make everybody angry…birds of a feather sit on the same limb.  And in their commune and colony of anger folks with designations perpetrate greater crimes, lies and spend holidays abroad.

Guyana was never designed for jiggery poogery; we are a peaceful people struggling; we struggle but a day will come.  There is an art to standing up..  not necessarily to fight but represent the plight of the right.  Too many kids go to school hungry.   Twice as many go to bed hungry while adults cuddle and huddle in bars to wash away their fears and carry on unhealthy affairs.

The principles and precepts of that era have been eroded by technology in which everything you need to know to exist in the marketplace is in your pocket.
There is talk these days of electrifying homes by having kids kick a soccer ball for an hour and generate the needed power in balls.

Sounds a bit farfetched but the reality is that new and creative ways have to be found rather than re-enacting the tricks of the trade to get better and more efficient results.

There is a young lady on Greenheart Street who earned 11 subjects at the last CXC and cannot get the needed sponsorship to pursue higher learning.  There is also another young lady from the same Greenheart Street in South Ruimveldt who in June came back home from Cuba after pursuing medical training.
Since returning she cannot get a job or placement from her sponsors…the Public “Service Ministry.

Skin and hair matters in this diluted society where the tricks of the trade demand that the road to prominence is paved in skullduggery, corruption, graft and draft (beer).
There was also a case of a twelve year old boy robbing and beating a newspaper vendor.  There is also chatter about Guyana trying to recruit police and soldiers from   CARICOM.  In Barbados a rookie cop is paid more than a pint sized Cabinet minister.  It would be so much fun to see the new ensigns locking up their peers at the cabinet level for failing to perform and being insolent and  ineffective.  ASSOMELYKAM.




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