By    EWALT AINSWORTH              08 26 2013

Praise Drums Cover

Praise Drums Cover


Check with your doctor before attending the folk festival in Brooklyn this week especially when Jeggae will release his new CD …PRAISE DRUMS. at Kwe Kwe Nite on Friday August 30, 2013.

Click here and Download — FOLK_FESTIVAL_FLYER

Sometimes different words have different meanings in different climes.  TALIBAN is a set a big girls …  groupies who are jumping  to JEGGAE’s  heart pumping  music far and near and getting handsome participation and sales.
And if response was great over there, beware and beaware.  Jeggae will have you jumping and shaking uncontrollably…any where you want it eh.  He has rehearsed and been drinking cogue as he introduces his best release live…to date. 

 The  GT-TALIBAN….a wicked  league of self proclaimed rude girls attending the Notting Hill carnival  last  weekend in London jumped and waved    to the PRAISE DRUMS cd  You should tek money and buy two.  Put on a frock and move around and jump around as per instructions.

From all l accounts this is his fifth attempt of lifting frocks in a tantalising drum-centered and afro centric volley of slackness in the dancehall.  Jeggae is a product of Victoria and mastered the pan in   BC…BEFORE CHEDDIE.  A student of gradualism he also moved on to centipede bands, culture corps and migrated in the mid-80s.  Real name…Winston Hoppie …he was the first authentic one-man band.  ASOMELYKAM.

This time of year Jeggae is fully booked until 2016.  People sometimes die just to get to get the spiritualist and healer to sing and play and pray in conga drums mixed up with the roll of a tassa and goat skin.

JEGGAE seems to have recruited a top flight group of background singers, players and orchestra.  It is a feel-good feeling when you hear and return under the frock after frocking to the Get-up-stand-up music sprinkled with married-man poke.
Get yourself a copy anyhow you want.  Big-up rasta.


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