BY  EWALT  AINSWORTH               08 18 2013

 WHAT SWEET A GOAT MOUTH WILL SLIME HIS BEHINE.  In this guava season the no-show President Bharrat Jagdeo has taken it upon himself to make a rare appearance and make Commodore Gary Best a Rear Admiral.  Immediately after President Donald Ramotar was relieved of his position as General Secretary of the PPP, Jagdeo apparently finds Ramotar no damn-good and perhaps Best…  relatively speaking…a better man.

There is no place in leadership for gender based appointments and or the sexual preferences of the PPP-mafia.  Women are a solid constituency but the gay community more robust, closer and loyal.  Dissent  and disgrace may very well be in tandem.  


Nothing in the Gt playbook makes reference for the need of a Rear Admiral.  The local population approximates 530,000 and an annual murder rate approximating 592.  NY last year only had 500 murders …normally 2,600 annually.  Yet still they did not promote Ray Kelly to an
Admiral.  What is wrong with Jagdeo eh?  Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed, eh?

  Last Saturday nite this writer was hanging out off Church Road in a forested ethnic enclave in Bowie, Maryland .  The crickets were a loud minority while the sand flies projected candle light to facilitate a discourse at the marathon session that catered for four distinct generations of
Guyanese. We well and pound Jagdeo name and register his greed and looking for love in the wrong places.    Everything seemed fair and easy and comfy and nicey-nicey until the talk turned to a three star general in the local army…literally unexpected and unwarranted.

Those sitting jumped to their feet and those who were cas-cas and relaxed tightened their grip on the dish and or plastic. The host went to bed while his in-laws and by laws completed the marathon citing every flaw, failure and fallacy of the PPP.   No one saw it coming; not for good, better or best way to deploy human resources….. that was seemingly blunt and  disappointing,when the news came thru that Commodore Gary Best was demoted by promoting him to a  rear-admiral.

Permit me to set the scene and verbalise that the announcement transformed the party into a ganga-session emoting falling and failing values in the iq-592 republic.  At least half a dozen men and women were commissioned officers in the  GDF;  three were doctors another dozen or so had immediate relatives who were past and current members of the disciplined services while a other bunch forgot about the cricket and chimed in negatively.  TALK HALF.  LEFF HALF.

There was no celebration or raising of glasses to acknowledge the passing of standards onto a depleted army.  Officers Assanah…court martialled for having sex with his wife’s sister and  the death of Mc Pherson and the quick demotion and booting of  Brigadier Collins from the
“Army and replaced by now newly commissioned Rear Admiral Gary Best.

Gt has more PATHFINERS than it has soldiers.  The organization by all accounts…near and far, is top heavy.  Same sex arrangements have quieted the normally professional movement of great men and women in the people’s army.

At the time of writing there was no outrage but do not be surprised to experience some turbulence as the weekend announcement filters thru the ranks.  Gary Best is up for retirement and does not want to stay but one can only surmise that when President Jagdeo is writing the checks from the people’s account no sum or promotion is too much.
After all they are all men with a fropuscatious passion and life style;  you scrach my back………………(fill in the blankety blank).  end. 19 August, 2013

Ramotar steps down as PPP General Secretary, Rohee takes over



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