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The patina of Guyanese is a thing of the past; the word exceptional is no longer in the local vernacular.  Every day, everyone everywhere is complaining about the stench…the du-du…real and perceived.  More-worse, no one seems to want to handle the du-du generated everyday and like the proverbial tinning-cup it is being kicked down the road.  The hydro project is the most recent and fresh counx to be tabled by the PPP.

There are no industries in operation that demand massive outlays of energy programs except the mac-mansions and mafia operated hotels, motels and brothels.  In Gt garbage litters the landscape.  And candle-light dinners and bottle lamps are a sure way to avoid the mosquitoes and flies that are emerging as part of the national treasure.  Du-du on the streets; du du on the sea wall; du du at the points and ports of entry and du du afloat the flooded out communities is an everyday occurrence.  

That should be the number one priority and job one rather than an exotic program to shine a light on the corrupt and capricious PPP hoodlums.

 It is disappointing to state that the PPP duo-leaders in a valiant attempt to proclaim their selfish legacy is calling on the opposition  APNU to support  the  US-billion dollar hydro electric project.  Guyanese have to conceal cocaine in ochroes to keep a roof over their head and these damn-fools are pushing for exotic and exorbitant feel-good and look good du-du projects.  WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DU- DU.


In New York NTPD police have quietly revised their stop and frisk policy  in which minorities were unfairly targeted and imprisoned for just being.
Guyana, at the other end of the spectrum, promotes a welfare system in which a minority government is protected by rejects from New York who have been deported and returned to their countries of origin.

         Rohee drives a Bentley SUV like this one.

Rohee drives a Bentley SUV like this one.

Even non-Guyanese deny their citizenship and arrive and are given special protection under a strategic police management group under the hawkish eye of bombastic Clement Rohee, Home Affairs Minister.

It is no secret…better put…it is an open secret that deportees from the criminal justice system emerge to be businessmen once repatriated to Guyana.  Some mothers even accompany their children back home to ensure that their contact list within the PPP government is exploited.  Airlines also reserve first class seats for outgoing passengers and Rohee engineers home coming receptions.  It is a strange and awkward episode that Ed Snowden did not seek asylum in Gt.  Talk half… leff half.

An integral part of modern society is tolerance punctuated by security.  In the last 20 years of this administration 100,000 Guyanese have met their deaths by blunt trauma including heart attacks.  In times of slavery too, black people had jobs… one hundred per cent employment; the PPP has changed the dynamics of who works and who goes  on state sponsored welfare.

At least when blacks are incarcerated they become penitent…never wanting to go back.  But the Indian on welfare is in deep du-du; the more favors granted the more bare face and greedy they become.   More-worse…when they think they had enough they run out of the country ashamed of their criminal pursuits.  You only hear from them again when they drink gramax and or hack their families to death in Hackensack,. ASOMELYKAM.  end



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