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 Soca Throwback Dance Mix ! Carnival Fever 




The patina of Guyanese is a thing of the past; the word exceptional is no longer in the local vernacular.  Every day, everyone everywhere is complaining about the stench…the du-du…real and perceived.  More-worse, no one seems to want to handle the du-du generated everyday and like the proverbial tinning-cup it is being kicked down the road.  The hydro project is the most recent and fresh counx to be tabled by the PPP.

There are no industries in operation that demand massive outlays of energy programs except the mac-mansions and mafia operated hotels, motels and brothels.  In Gt garbage litters the landscape.  And candle-light dinners and bottle lamps are a sure way to avoid the mosquitoes and flies that are emerging as part of the national treasure.  Du-du on the streets; du du on the sea wall; du du at the points and ports of entry and du du afloat the flooded out communities is an everyday occurrence.   Continue reading