By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                07 21 2013

MAN-A-MAN; MAN-NA-TOBACCA-STICK.   It is always refreshing and a pleasure with loud ice to meet and greet Guyanese of any and many ethnic stripes  and strikes in the Diaspora.   In this memo you will meet a comrade  ….false name,,,,  HAVE-NAUGHT…a well endowed  roti specialist and self proclaimed Victorian.. And be reminded too that the   VICTORIA breakfast morning is   CARIBANA SATURDAY…August 3rd   in ‘CROOKLYN.’

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Have-naught was highly visible modeling an FBI… Canada-best, Canada day weekend,  As an item they BOTH looked totally different to the indigenous haves and have not’s.  The oldies …21 years, and still attracting a plural mix was nice, and the Boxhill lime was resplendent.   Guyanese simply know how to acculturate, tolerate, operate, integrate and appreciate each other when out of sight and out doors drinking short neck, salads, pileau  and blowing kisses left, right and center.  BLOW-NANCY-BLOW.          

This writer bump into a big man…a mere ten days his senior who proclaimed his birth place as The People’s Republic of Victoria.  By this time a crowd had gathered and in quick succession as he was peppered about his bragadociousness, he blinked; his voice faltered.  The woman knew more of Victoria than he; he was not a full-blown son of the soil but his father before him was in an enhanced position to claim rights.   Have-naught did not fully understand that as a people, Victorians are never wrong.

He did not know me, and I did not know him and so I cited the cultural cartoons like   WIA, CHUNCHA, PREMIE, TEENS, BANDITOR, KALLADEEN, BALALL. DALCHAN et al.
The robust, stealthily and retired comrade did not know any of these folks and or their parents and or descendants.  His own father he admitted, was  FESTUS CHARLES….brother of Tom Charles, Vadney Baynes and Stella Waldron among others…all of whom I know and admire and sometimes emulate.
But then a time came when I was introduced to another family that was leaning on him as he was leaning on me for identification.
The teenage boy gave his name as Bisnauth.  Later that evening as the sunset, I met a Sidnauth, Doodnauth and Ramnauth.  They were all un-related;  some of the names were surnames while others were I suspect in retrospect, call names.
The only common thread between and among them all I MUST ADMIT, THEY HAVE ROOTS IN Victoria.

Overnite that very nite as the Ottawa cold air refused to budge, this writer went into the recesses o his own mind and recalled names and their origins in Victoria as I recall had a Cheddie and scores of people whose names are politically connected.
There was Fabvso, Burnham, Linden, Sampson, Viola, Melanie and more Shirleys than I have teeth in my mouth.  I am still to meet a Jagdeo and or a Bharrat.  In my family there is a Donald and at Golden Grove Methodist, Teacher Lily Ramotar was my queen.  And when I moved to Essequibo the Ramotar family from JAYCEE supplied me weekly with chocolate cakes and muffins….I still have that sweet taste on my mouth.

I also have a nephew whose first name is  XAVIAR…pronounced HA VE-IAR.
Which brings me to my point about the amount of haves as against the have-naughts.

Parents over the last 20 years are shying away from making babies, names that infer gender, ethnic persuasion and or political affiliation.

Some recurring Guyanese names seem to have ‘HAVE’ as the foundation and or pronunciation.
There is Averil, Havelyn, Haven, Havelaw, Havelyn and Havenauht.

Victoria has a comrade whose bad name is   BAD-HAVE-IT….meaning habit.

Pl write on a malalli and send to my shipping and handling address your own encounter with the halves and have-naughts.  End.



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  1. Posted by Nellie w on August 5, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    Stella Waldron was. Stella Wyatt at birth given by her parents. Thank you .


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