By  Ewalt Ainsworth      07 29 2013

WHAT IS JOKE FUH LIL BOY IS DEATH TO CRAPAUD.     No more August Monday in the iq-592 republic:  The holiday has been shifted to August 1st and labelled Emancipation Day.  But in the yard, it is known as BLACK DEPARTURE DAY …seeing that the Indians give themselves May 5th as INDIAN ARRIVAL DAY.  Ask me again August 1st will see jubilation in every village as more and more bodies arrive and depart for the great beyond.  Thursdays in Guyana is the busiest funeral day and this one will be no exception.  The day after the PPP will have its 30th bi-ennial congress to celebrate surpassing the target of 100,000 deaths in 29 years.  Just as many have been fired and twice as many have migrated.  TALK HALF; LEFF HALF. 

COSTCO  and  BJs..…both big box food stores in the Diaspora reportedly  are  offering card bearing members  deep discounts and lay-away concessions on coffins  and caskets;  Burial societies, churches, ex-police, ex-soldiers. Ex-lax and other social clubs are reeling and throwing up their hands in despair with the frequency of deaths.
They cannot sell enough bakes and salt fish, bara and roti to cover funeral expenses of their membership.

The airlines are not accepting petitions for reduced fares; cemeteries are accepting payments in full before handing over corpses for burial in the Guyanese community.

And the hospitals in inner cities like Newark and Brooklyn are turning away patients… airline refugee patients who move straight from port or point of entry straight to the hospital because they may have a niece or nephew or neighbor who works at the facility.

In Guyana itself, the PPP does not accept donations of equipment and medicines from independent donors.  PAWBRNN narrated recently that he had to accompany his daughter, a medical specialist to Guyana so as to ensure she can volunteer and give service to vulnerable patients.

Some friendly burial societies  are even bankrupt;  blame is being laid on the feet of the  PPP for saddling distraught families with car notes, imported food, lack of employment, in-sufficient education, drug smuggling, a police force that is  lackluster and colored  Rohee-red.  Feed sold in Guyana is shipped in containers from Miami and is a minimum of 11 months old…a direct spin off of the money laundering and drug business the PPP is steeped in.

         Rohee drives a Bentley SUV like this one.

Rohee drives a Bentley SUV like this one.

Guyanese are hard pressed to declare a day that three people were not killed since the advent of the PPP killing machine.  Approximately 502 people die by road accidents but the PPP adds 10,000 new cars annually.
Another 592  murders/suicides;

In inner cities it takes an average of 11 minutes for police and emergency to respond; in Detroit now that the city has filed for bankruptcy, it takes 58 minutes for the police to respond.  In the 592 republic it takes the next day for the police to come.  And so if you really, really, really want the police to come, you dial the area Chinese restaurant and place an order for mixed fry rice and instruct the  person who makes the delivery to pass by the police in Ruimveldt or  Port Mourant to pick up the police as a courtesy.  All of this happens within 20 minutes as long as pork and chicken and rice with a Heineken or two to wash it down.
Ten thousand Chinese are brought in to replace them.

Guyanese drink 4,000 cases of Heineken daily…smuggled in from Curacao.
Amerindian communities are now the largest consumers of HENNESSY while their kids are being suspended from kindergarten school for drug abuse. Yet still, visas are issued and sold on the black market and at coconut water vending stands.  ASKOMELYKAM.

The burial societies are planning to sue  and have to pass the  hat  around to get money to take care of their respective comrades who dead-out.  Some are even threatening to sue the PPP and holding them responsible for 100,000 deaths so far.

Every airline with direct flights to GT almost daily transports a deceased as cargo.  Some funeral homes make as many as three trips daily to the airport to pick up the dead in addition to the local stacks from natural causes like heart attack, road accidents, drowning, murder, suicide et al.    Church elders too who had restricted dates and days are pasturing Sunday to Sunday…once the price is right.

 Too many are dying and sales consultants are offering special payment plans and lay-away arrangements in case you expect or suspect a comrade coming for   CARIBANNA and or LABOR DAY IN BROOKLYN..  The North American embassies are also planning special queues to accommodate and facilitate local loved ones who want special visas to attend funerals overseas.  ASOMELYKAM.

The PPP has been exceptionally silent and the opposition has failed to be outraged at the daily massacres and  rub-outs taking place  all across the nation.  Silence was never an option.

MERRIMAN since the fire has not been able to replace some of the caskets and coffins  he had in moth balls.     Some families have been forced to bury their loved ones in carton boxes or canvas bats and hope by the time things normalize they can exhume and resume a decent send-off.  Some burial societies are pissed.

 The PPP seems to be engineering some of these deaths and a funeral society is planning to protest at the upcoming weekend congress in Port Mourant.  More than a battalion of ex-military men are also in GT at this time and if there is anything that is worth dying for it should be for those who have fallen by the wayside and off the proverbial band-wagon.  ASOMELYKAM.  end



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