BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                   07 12 2013

WHO GET GET; -WHO NA GET FAUGHT FUH GET. At least just this once the AFC is taking the bull by the horn and mobilizing the clickeratis, students, ex-soldiers, ex-prisoners,  mothers and workers to take to the streets to protest the mass destruction and terroristic arrogance of the PPP.  And to those in the diaspora…send money but do not come.

There will be no room…no seat…no accommodations for the clickeratis…the young, gifted and black  people at the 30th bi-ennial congress of the enslaving    PPP.     Port Mourant will be on total lock down as the big guts proto-types and welfare cheats under the aegis of the PPP arrive incognito to splatter their wares and ill-gotten gains under an umbrella meant for two,,  CARIBANA  weekend. 

The clickeratis have been branded divisive because they want to discuss  metabolic deficiencies such as  high rates of  cancer, suicide, murder, spousal abuse,  alcoholism,  blood pressure, obesity, white-mouth, AIDS, venereal disease and  heart conditions.

This weekend the in-famous Transport Minister Robeson Benn took a swipe at the clickratis who pedal music on the streets.  He has threatened to dismantle their mobile units if they do not compromise and reduce the noise level in the city.  This cotton-picking- comrade should be ashamed of himself.  He comes from a family background where in the center of town his parents had a café that played music all day and all nite and now he wants to disband the cultural expression of folks who are catering to tourists and well-greased pundits and bandits.  ASOMELYKAM.

The August  Congress should  be held in Charity.     Charity begins at Charity but the duo are not concerned about spinning a web of diversity and unity; it is about the dinar….dinero and cruzerio.   Unemployment in Essequibo is ten per cent while the rest of the country is 70 per cent.   Eighty per cent of all exports originate in “Essequibo while in Port Mourant it has to do with the emotional attachment to the former leader of the  PPP, Cheddi  Bharrat Jagan.

At the last elections Jagdeo had to cheat to get Corentyne votes whyile in his hometown of Unity, he only amassed 218 votes from an electo4rate in excess of  5,000 in the Mahaica district.  Buxton where Mboya and Lumumba were deployed only gave the PPP 14 votes.  Dem boy seh that Mboya’s children alone must have fulfilled the ambitious to turn out in favor of the PPP.

The congress will open on August 2nd…the  morning after a black people holiday on August 1…emancipation day.  There will be more Chinese delegates than clickeraties.   Dr. Faith Harding will be officially presented as a technocrat in the PPP.  She will lend color, commonsense and candor to the down trodden  manclave of the PPP.  My only wish at this juncture is that she pontificates early o’clock on the need to arrest the welfare state of giving only to the Indians when in truth and in fact Guyana is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-racial.  Faith may be a little late in coming forward but her gold-mining and gold-digging husband has always had both hands in the pockets of Lumumba.  The buck stops here.  End.




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