By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                07 04 2013

There is an adage which says…WHEN A BLIND MAN SAYS HE WILL PELT YOU HE ALREADY HAS A BRICK.    With corruption the national sport in Guyana, LIAT announced fare hikes.  CARIBBEAN AIRLINES ditto.  FLY JAMAICA, which is supposed to come on stream month end, cannot find a fare structure and may very well ditch GT as it encounters more woes and blows.

It should be understood that the PPP is not a broad minded outfit.  Diversity is not in its playbook and if they give you something, be sure it cannot be used or utilized in its original state.    The security system at Timehri is rigged for illegal activity.  The  PPP are in the governance business for money and connie… hence all the hotels, motels, luxury cars, gambling dens, back-track package tours et al.   

 No local or regional security outfit can handle Guyana at its airports and other points of entry because of the drugs and illicit trading in gold and diamonds and lumber to a lesser extent.  A ridiculous comment by the government is that the lighthouse will be made obsolete with the completion of a hotel in Georgetown.  Ent that nice eh?

A week or so ago in New York a  SWISS airline brought in approximately  freshly minted US one hundred dollar bills to the tune of  48M.  The ground staff clearing the hold included Guyanese; at the end of the shift one point two million was missing.  ASOMELYKAM.

At weekend,  LIAT announced that it will jack up its fares to Guyana significantly because  of the high security risk of theft and other illegal activity. A fortnight ago,   CARIBBEAN AIRLINE did the same thing.

FLY JAMAICA even  though its core business plan is to service Guyana is looking elsewhere like St Maartin and Anguilla  where the stress is less and the people are blessed with good governance.

Some of these other lucrative territories practice empathetic economics and make sure their peoples are protected and get good service.
But not the PPP in Gt.  They hurt and then rescue….a feminine way of doing business.

A usually reliable source said that a trial run was done to Guyana from Toronto and back.  A potential security outfit pulled travelers at random and did a complete body search.  They found snakes as belts and one man even had a pair of reading glasses accompanied by an AWAKE magazine stuffed up his ‘ behine.’
Apparently his ‘’paper’’ was fake-based and if he was caught and jailed at least he had material to pass his time away.  Yvonne Benn when she was Minister of Information had brought a lot of pressure on recently deceased editor of the CHRONICLE, Sir Courtney Gibson for carrying a headline story about Guyanese women being caught with live birds in their bras.  Guyanese have been caught in 170 different countries with all types of contraband.  And the government has failed to address this pandemic.  ASOMELYKAM.

The US government also announced this week another massive visa fraud in Gt.


Israel has been invited to help stem the tide of corruption at the airport but some sources are reporting that the government is not inclined to incriminate themselves at this stage.  Further, no money, no love.

The PPP means well but does not think well as the entire society devolves into mediocrity. More money is made when there is confusion, conflict and corruption.  Tough times do not last but tough people do.  FLY JAMAICA has to ride the blows and woes like a chinee and bear it like a buck.   ASOMELYKAM.  End



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