By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                06 24 2013

Guyana is the mecca fuh typee.  With all the technology men still getting uncontrollably angry when they binnie  not crossing their legs and keeping their chastity belts up.  And you cant say is young boys alone; is everybody.  A Vincentian woman 90 days ago, shoot and kill instantly her Gt beau and toothless one-year old baby because a woman call and ask fuh some fine things.

This writer knows of three real time incidents of women attempting suicide on behalf of now deceased Cousin Wia;  only one get thru.

The FACEBOOK man should come to Gt and develop an application for co-applicants…the new and current description for both men and women who have typee for each other. Even with the new technologies on the market a Gt-binnie went to her dentist a few short weeks ago as a matter of personal philosophy and hygiene.   Apparently it is only when folks…women especially, are migrating that they check in with the dentist to floss and deep clean teeth.  The binnie almost gave the dentist the length of her tongue after some other rude words were exchanged. 

This episode helps to make the point that Guyana has been restructured and realigned for the benefit of a few and all the others can fall by the wayside.  The values, the virtues and the volume of discontent is malicious and capricious.  Last year one of my relatives…teacher by nature, brought back a report  that tilted towards “summer-brain-drain.”  In other words irrespective of the age of the student, he or she forgets everything that was learned the semester before.  School age children are not encouraged to embark on work study programs.  Music and sports are never part of the curriculum.

Every year, ten thousand Chinese immigrants are brought into the country but there is no curriculum to integrate and incorporate them in a normal curriculum.  As a result work study programs are discouraged because the new operators and managers of established factories and industries do not come together.

Diversity is a word bandied about only at Charity.  Charity has become the official salad bowl where people mix and meddle and take each other’s cell phone and email address.  It is about technology and not typee.

Last weekend the son of Transport Minister, Robeson Benn Jr,  almost lost his life after he kicked down the door of his immediate past pregnant girlfriend.  Apparently when he is sober, he has problems delivering in more ways than one.  “But once he has a few drinks in his head matched with filtered tip marijuana cigs the young man becomes brazen and displays aggressive and addictive violent behaviors.  He got typee fuh the binnie.

Unfortunately the children of black public servants and ideologues in Guyana are always in trouble.  Prime Minister Sam Hinds…his son had torched his alma mater….Queen’s College, in 1998.

The parents kicked him out of the house and country after this episode hoping that in a foreign clime he will get his act together.  No way.

The mother with her bad self…. the architect of falling males, intervened and could have been charged for kidnapping of a disputed grand baby.  ASOMELYKAM.

The son of former Commissioner of Police Lloyd Barker, when he was a student at  GSA, Mon Repos, allegedly forced his way into the dorm of a female student.
Apparently he had typee fuh she.  The list  of typee men and women is infinitum.

And in trying to get some facts and figures together for this item over the last 48 hours one of my favorite people also disclosed a transgression committed by the current head of the Presidential secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon.

Around 1970, President Burnham was addressing a convocation exercise at  QC when allegedly Dr. Luncheon a student at the time, set off a squib or two.

The investigators ducked the evidence and over time the doctor was exonerated but the relationship with the then president never recovered.,

It is the children of powerful and prominent citizens who are the worst behaved.  I am trying to avoid going into a diatribe and psychological analysis except to say music has a way of both curing and healing such maladies.

The PPP has folded most, if not all musical ensembles, except the one man band.  In May the same transport minister passed a fatwah dismantling the seawall Sunday nite lime.  Less than a month after, his own son instead of falling in the sea, fall into hot water after getting typee for a binnie.  ASOMELYKAM.


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