Zandolie – “De Stickman”



By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                    06 22 2013

And if the raw materials are bad so too will be the end product.   The pregnant baby-mother of the son of  Transport Minister Robeson Benn, has been set up for a bamboo wedding any day now if he is to escape a jail time and further fracturing of his family’s normally stellar reputation.

Stick bruk in black people ears and celibacy should be encouraged.  Masturbation may cause blindness but in this corrupt and mischievous admin knows a thing or two about hurting and rescuing.
There is a lot of social engineering at play; the hostility and confrontation is a natural progression as the PPP tightens its grip on power.  Family matters; it is not normal to be angry much less to assault a woman who is bearing your child.  A head or two has to be examined here.   

 And it is so good to see at least the police stepping up with the limited resources at their disposal to charge another Blackman for allegedly assaulting an Indian woman in a domestic fiasco.   It looks like justice but it smells like fish or sheep-down at 3.00 am on a Monday morning.

None of the 30 executives in the PPP cabinet are married to black women and so there is never a reason to arrest an Indian for assaulting a ‘daughter.’  Blackmen beware and be aware.

Family matters and family masters must learn to walk away and live.
This writer is privy to the family discussions in the Benn family.  Mother Benn, maternal grandmother of the alleged wife-beater (wearing a wife beater), has said that there is no future for black men in Guyana.  As soon as they can handle themselves they are posted to Trinidad so that they can be safe.  ASOMELYUKAM.


Transport Minister Robeson Benn, even though he means well, does not think well.
Family matters, and rather than spend quality time pushing his face in other people’s business, should take one look at his own household.
The PPP has a threshold for every Negro.  A  MAZDA is not a license to run rough-shod and assault young women. The son of the master Benn is both a sociopath and a psychopath…like father like son.  A tell tale sign of sociopathic behavior is not considering the outcome after an episodic incident.

One good thing about the PPP is that it has aborted the dowry; the PPP has also made knowledge and commonsense obsolete.  Everything you need to know is in your pocket in the form of a cell phone.  Mr. Benn…be warned:  there is no place for the angry in Gt.  A stiff cock has no place in the scheme of things.  Family matters and here it is you will be forced to marry your alleged victim minus a dowry.  ASOMELYKAM.

Lord Blakie – Raw Kaiso

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