A-M-A-Z-D-A-I-N-G (pronouneed amazing) GRACE

Police likely to act following completion of the IDB probe – Minister of Home Affairs Rohee – 18th Jun 2013 – Capitol News



A-M-A-Z-D-A-I-N-G  (pronouneed amazing) GRACE

BY  EWALT AINSWORTH            06  20 2913

JUSTICE DELAYED IS TANTAMOUNT TO JUSTICE DENIED.   Amazingly….if a Blackman steals a bar of soap or infects/affects a woman from behind he is jailed and or court martialled in ‘oh-beautiful Guyana.  Amerindians now are coming under intense pressure in the Rupununi as they collate and co-operate to stave out the PPP who they claim are treating them like pets.

The Rupununi is big open country.  The Amerindians claim the PPP may mean well but unfortunately do not think well.

Thousands of East Asians show up in their reservations pushing them aside rudely and without apology.  A week ago the native women protested… not like the million Brazilians but for the same reasons.  The only plus recorded about the Chinese is that they pay cash.  Amazingly, Amerindians prefer grace and good taste rather than MAZDAS and PRADOS.  

The PPP communicates in a wordless manner and provides a parachute for the East Indian ragamuffins who want to get in fast and leave faster.  Amazingly, grace matters.

There is no investment in social services, health care, education, food supply, telecommunication or even plain old fashioned courtesy.  Fast food ruins the day of the affected and afflicted populace and the race card is the centerpiece of relations.   Every man wants more and the dowry in the shape of a MAZDA is amazingly prominent.    The communities are now monetized and what used to be free and easy is now in plastic bottles and non-bio degradable wraps.  Every man is for himself and God for us all.  Nothing is affordable;  class is determined by the  shape of the roll-over bars and th.e loudness/lewdness of the  MP3 player.

A policeman was recently pardoned by his bosses for being in a mini-bus with three new contraband motorcycles;  all duties were evaded.  ASOMELYKAM..

The executives at GT&T,   GGMC, GHPC and all the abbreviation soups know what is being said here.  All the old-heads from the PNC regime have run out of money and their lives file taxes ON W2 forms.  Dr. Faith Harding try a ting and sign up to help out the PPP as a patriot.

But the MAZDA means twice as much than all the belief systems inculcated at    Sunday school time in Supply….her hometown… Mahaica.  That is how neighbors should live eh?  What-his-name…Oscar Clarke was hit several times below the belt…pow-pow-kpow for not taking a MAZDA…amazingly.  Everybody who is now somebody is in receipt of something.  Four million goes a long way with the confessional groups.  A sure sign of recipients are those who send their wives to live and work overseas while they face the music-man from Unity.

On Tuesday, GT&T employees created a ruckus at the hospital after a young black man was killed in a road accident en-routed to Lethem. The PPP knows how vulnerable they are in Region nine and are not taking chances with their chances.  Survival is victory and victory is survival.   Apparently several others were injured seriously but the Georgetown technicians knowing the dark mindset of the PPP administered hospital left nothing to chances.    The hospital always has a ready market for the eyes, ears, groin and heart of young black men; they are cherry picked and exported on the under-ground body parts market.  Right now there is a brisk move to upstage Merriman but that is a subject for a different day.

Telecoms management staff and employees alike wanted to ensure  that all the survivors survived.  The hospital panicked as men and women with screwdrivers and testers took charge and displaced the lethargic gowned operatives who had ulterior motives.

Scores of employees petitioned, and protruded  the security perimeters; the hospital penetrated and placated  to save the lives of those caught up in another scheme to dilute the fecundity  of a plural society.  ASKOMELYKAM.

And now that the   CFO  at TELECOMS…a graduate from  PRESIDENTS COLLEGE and former  employee who looks like any and all of  the technical staff, corruption seems to be on the mend.
Amazingly the 12 houses turned offices leased to the company by the former   CEO/CFO is not being discussed. ASOMELYKAM.

Guyana is both broken and divided…in that order…..  a coolie man stacks up more  MAZDAS than he has teeth or ties in his closet.  MAZDAS match ties;  ties match  MAZDAS.  Over the last 20 years the elegant and exotic  PPP has outfitted its supporters with 10,000 new  cars annually.  AMAZDAING GRACE is the pillar for screwing blacks and un-screwing the best ????  No black person is allowed to manage and or monitor any project valued G4m;  that is the purview of a few….ask  Odinga and  Mboya or any other of   the other Indians, …ASKOMELYKAM.

The Home Affairs Minister,  Clement Rohee, has deemed it as unfortunate that a big man who perpetrated a massive fraud of  US 20 million dollars may never see a bar of soap on the ground and refuse to pick it up.  He would rather slide and get a doctor’s certificate claiming an illness that is beyond medical science.

Mr. Rai was a trusted and protected official from the IDB….something went wrong.  He is not the first and only person to have scampered off with funds from the   IDB.
The PPP has a way of intervening on behalf of a few and allow them to have as many  MAZDAS as they have teeth.  The average GT executive now boasts of having 26 striped ties…just as many as he has cars.

Only this week a colleague reported that an Indo Guyanese woman…30 years of age, applied for a US visa and was declined.  She never had a job, a checking account or a driver’s license but was a bona-fide owner of 4 mini buses; a five bedroom house and other assets of three million US.  She hails from the same village district as Mr. Rai and is attempting to cut and run.

The police in Gt is now huddling to determine if and when to investigate Mr. Rai on these amazing charges.



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