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A-M-A-Z-D-A-I-N-G (pronouneed amazing) GRACE

Police likely to act following completion of the IDB probe – Minister of Home Affairs Rohee – 18th Jun 2013 – Capitol News



A-M-A-Z-D-A-I-N-G  (pronouneed amazing) GRACE

BY  EWALT AINSWORTH            06  20 2913

JUSTICE DELAYED IS TANTAMOUNT TO JUSTICE DENIED.   Amazingly….if a Blackman steals a bar of soap or infects/affects a woman from behind he is jailed and or court martialled in ‘oh-beautiful Guyana.  Amerindians now are coming under intense pressure in the Rupununi as they collate and co-operate to stave out the PPP who they claim are treating them like pets.

The Rupununi is big open country.  The Amerindians claim the PPP may mean well but unfortunately do not think well.

Thousands of East Asians show up in their reservations pushing them aside rudely and without apology.  A week ago the native women protested… not like the million Brazilians but for the same reasons.  The only plus recorded about the Chinese is that they pay cash.  Amazingly, Amerindians prefer grace and good taste rather than MAZDAS and PRADOS.   Continue reading