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By  EWALT  AINSWORTH         06 12 2013

 FISHERMAN ALWAYS GET THE FRESHEST FISH.  Every other damn-fool saw the new fare structure coming except the GT Tourism, Industry and Commerce ministry.   CARIBBEAN AIRLINES  (CA) has jacked up the fares for Guyanese only…. during the busiest travel season.  Every flight until New Years is solidly booked as more and more folks flee the IQ-592 republic with gold and drugs stuffed in every orifice.

Immigration in North America too does not make it easy for Guyanese; they make them stand in separate queues and detain them disproportionately when compared to any other global community.  Sounds drug related eh? CA has the monopoly in ferrying Guyanese to any and every point beyond Lethem and Niruca.  The abuses and degradation women especially have to suffer once in Piarco a better idea is to simply expel the regional airline from Gt.  But who will bell the cat eh? 

No other ethnic group has the guts like the Marudi women to link arms and hands…stand their ground and keep out the illegal miners sanctioned by the PPP.   The PPP has allowed so many scourges to fester against their own people is a damn shame.
So many suffer from non-treated and un-processed rage; depression and the garden variety madness that paying more to travel may very well be a temporary cure.

Guyanese politicians are now claiming that the upwardly revised fare structure  is arbitrary.  Hell no.  Thief man na like see he matty thief man with bag.

 The administration is struggling to sound hurt and want the populace to believe that  there is no background noise.  They better rewind and come again.

  Do not be surprised if this is a ploy to introduce a CHINESE-JITNEY airline eh?
This government like a spoil child…manipulative to the core;  anything fuh a yankee dollar.

President Jagdeo is a bare face negotiator and has the stamina to stand his ground and pretend he is unhappy when the opposite is true.  President Ramotar is same ‘catsa-puss.’It is the addictive habit of the five time  PHD honoree to put Guyanese out to pasture…hurt and rescue them and then swing back and make them feel that he is the mighty-mighty.  Mark my words.

Some 18 months ago FLY-JAMAICA…a consortium of former   GAC employees began negotiations to use Timehri as its regional hub.  Jagdeo gave them the run around even though the company is connected to the FAA.
And just when they thought they had overcome all their worries with the executives and transport ministry, the Civil Aviation employees demanded six seats on every flight for their concubines, mules and stooges.

CARIBBEAN AIRLINES over the years has been the most divisive and exploitative of regional carriers in all its history and operations.
East Indians never used any other airline because they felt that GAC was a  BURNHAM thing….just like how they don’t drink  BANKS  beer.

Recently the American government has made some stiff stipulations because of the prevalence of drugs and illegal exports of precious metals, and using CA as the mule, the airline has no choice than to cover its own ass.  Every flight destined to North America has to stop in Piarco and every piece of luggage, consignment and cargo has to be examined and re-processed.  Normally it should take three minutes to process a passenger but to do intensive and invasive searches, an average of 14 minutes.   CARIBBEAN AIRLINES has to be saddled with all the late fees, overtime, fuel and other administrative costs as Indo Guyanese smuggle and engage in money laundering acts.  The average person leaves with fresh crisp US one hundred dollar notes approximating ten thousand dollars each trip.  The minimum wage is  US .50 cents.

It is unfortunate that the entire nation has to feel the pinch; this price increase is not arbitrary but a gentle reminder of the installment apartheid plan as conducted by the Jagdeo regime.  ASOMELYKAM.  End.

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  1. Posted by iarthur on June 14, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    Sent: Fri, Jun 14, 2013 11:10 am

    Hi Waltie,
    Good article but at the end you seem to make an excuse for CA increasing their fares such as overtime.


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