Convocation 2013: Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo’s Convocation Address



By  EWALT AINSWORTH                   06 07 2013

President Bharrat Rosemund  Jagdeo has coveted another something…..sssssh….a fifth PHD…..(poverty) piled higher and deeper.   There is more in the mortar than in the pestle.  One can only surmise that contentment is in tandem and not a window to tek and tek and tek-a-bribe for inflicting greed on the populace.

This is the first time in his entire career that Jagdeo is accepting something in installments; Jagdeo loves  stuff in lump sums and  bundles.   BK Tiwari should take note and reapply for the nine billion or so that never-done Jagdeo owes him.

The indigenous people too who normally subscribe to the sermon on the mount should also re-commit to opposing the influx of Chinese re-colonising and bottling their flora, fauna, timber, gold and handicraft products  Recently  AFC’s chairman….Nigel Hughes literally got a heart attack after seeing and experiencing the level of exploitation in Region Nine.  How come the sincere patriots not getting  PHD degrees but the  criminals and corrupt villains can be rewarded in broad daylight eh?  ASOMELYKAM.. 

The average ‘iq-592 ‘student is suffering to pass CXC but the awesome babbulall butcher of Guyana is glowing in the dark.    Guns can be purchased in the alleys of Limelair but no milk in  Lovely Lass; Linden may  pay more for electricity while Leonora soaks up the scotch;  Little Biaboo needs fertilizer but Leguan has a line outside the UPS store;    Lethem may be the murder capital but Liliendall may be the new home of the HUMMER.  Lodge may be under water but Lusignan is where  the  indented belly-button is a sign of prosperity.  Land-of-Canaan yuh cork duck.    ASOMELYKAM.

 Forensic academics are searching high and low looking for the reason.  Some say is the season; misappropriating and diluting the grit in a fractured and broken IQ-592 republic.

One sure statistic the Guyana government keeps is the quantum of PHD degrees its dishonorable President…his majesty comrade   BHARRAT ROSEMUND JAGDEO has acquired to date.  Eddie Hooper should still be alive to make a video about evil and the things the PPP would do as if they were prodigies of hope and Nootenzuil.  Jagdeo hails from   Unity…a spit away.

Do not be surprised if in a few tardy weeks this perceived achievement is recorded in the    GUINESS book of records under the ‘crook’ by-line.

Just recently a presidential watcher on vacation in the diaspora was talking about the 10,000 mark of Guyanese…more men…thrice as many men than women.  Every visible black person in Guyana has lost a male relative at the hands of the PPP.  Eighteen months after being forced out of office for doing stupidness and the force of term limits, Jagdeo is still trying to justify his existence by window shopping for professional degrees.


  And for a fee the awesome and bright PPP scoundrels are treating survival as victory and victory as survival.  A  PHD does not guarantee anything; a new day is dawning. Amerindians have become the most vulnerable community with the installation of Chinese migrants in their reservations.  Jagdeo in his 20 years aborted the calabash and cacique crown of honor and made HENNESSY and  HEINEKEN the booze of choice.  Now Amerindians are having children in college (goedy)  and wiping their behind with pink-double-ply rolls of bathroom tissues.  Buck-man flossing and vacationing in the

This week (June-tenth)…progressive Guyanese will recall the life and times of
Walter Rodney.  Perhaps Jagdeo should rekindle the investigations and let the chips fall where they may.  After all, the PPP knows a thing or two about the death of
attorney Vic Puran in Mahaicony last year.  They  also know enough about the disappearance of 170 Buxtonians and if Jagdeo has the habit of accumulating and stacking  degrees  higher and deeper…a good place to start is with
Walter.    HOWZDAT eh?



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