Horace Crawell aka MIA

Horace Crawell aka MIA

WIA …. always meticulous and calculating about his outcome, outlook, image, responsibility and response-ability has died.   WIA a cultural icon and cultural cartoon has been out-sourced to a community of noble denizens and will be buried next week in Brooklyn. June 4th, 5th and 6thwill be reserved for his wake, viewing and burial respectively.

And to maintain any semblance of a relationship with Mr. Craigwell you had to know scripture, Chaucer, Plato, Cunning Bacchus, Ice Police, Habib Khan, Reds Perriera and BL Crombie.  WIA knew the stats for every ball game and a working knowledge of music, arts and science.  His love for computers in his prime …computer love…overwhelming.  

It is almost impossible to qualify, quantify and “metricise”.  WIA’s prime  intelligences and  proclivity  to deviate from the truth when in fact it is  the truth that oft times made him free.   In the PRV the deceased ranked exceptionally and extremely high with men like Melroy Marks,  Pusscass and Carlton Sam;  he like them always had a narrative to dispense. WIA had a way of putting a cultural spin on every act, every observation, every behavior and at the end of the day you we could have to question his source of inspiration…or was it out-spiration eh?

Horace Crawell aka MIA and friends

Horace Crawell aka MIA and friends

A LEO by birth…given name Horace Craigwell robust and comfortable in his skin and heritage, from a tiny tot in rural and rustic PRV had a different kind a hair.  In this formative years his call name was a complete ditty….  A WIRE HAIR DOG WITH A ROOP-A-POOM-POOM-POOM.  WIA’s dad was a Transport executive and brought home that dark grease in clumps.  Horace took delight in bleaching the grease and giving his hair that wiry and charming look from which he never deviated.

WIA was a policeman in TSU before being elevated to the Presidential guard service om the LFS  Burnham, era.  Very few people have had the privilege in seeing him in uniform.  Much more than that, he has never fired his weapon or arrest or issue a ticket.  In North America, WIA went into finance and computers and acquired an MBA.

This writer will not do an audit of children but they reside in places like Chicago, PR, Dr, Jamaica, Capoey, Hosororo, Strath-Campbell, Novar, and Lagos.

WIA’d life and times, for the outsider looking in, was marvelous but from the insiders looking in….  I would walk-aside.

This loyal friend was a latter-day poet.  WIA also journalled all his social interactions….  at last count he had four exercise books complete and replete with names and places.    It is your computer love and love of computers that made a prime suspect  in our respective lives.  WE MISS YOU COMRADE.


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  1. Posted by George Webb on May 28, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    Excellent !!! A fitting and appropriate tribute to our good friend and contemporary. May god bless his soul.


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