By  Ewalt Ainsworth                                05 24 2013

Mahaicony did not disappoint.  Five generations of folks from every ethnic stripe, race, occupation, sexual preference, age, gender and religion band-their-waist and mourned the passing of their one desire…Nurse Desiree  recently.

Nurse Practitioner Desiree Williams-Richmond , a household name in the Mahaicony delta and an item of popular repute in Irvington/Union New Jersey  has died sending shock waves far and beyond her ethnic enclave.  This diminutive lady was a nurse her entire life firstly in Georgetown and for three decades in North America.  

Desiree would always joke that she was a pioneer in tele-medicine…sending barrels and boxes and money transfers to friends and family as if things were going out of style.   She also cultivated a deep seated fear for the greedy among us all.  A time came where she shuttered the emotional behaviors and like clockwork she started experiencing ill health and a decline in family values.  Talk half’leff half.

 Fast moving and upwardly mobile Desiree, had no patience or tolerance for mediocrity and played her cards close to her chest…never disclosing anything personal and or private. On the job she carried both her chemotherapy pump and Blackberry on either side of her hip…never mistaking one for the other or displaying same in a public place.  She was a secret order.

Desiree, a mere 61…pint sized and manageable died towards the dawn on Mother’s Day.  She had selected   the majestic OVERLOOK hospital in Summit New Jersey with no one in attendance to submit her last will and testimony.  She is survived by one son and three grandchildren.  She would be entombed in Guyana within the clutches of her dad…a power broker, farmer and carpenter boss who invested all his life’s worth in all his children.

There will be no celebration of her life and times in North America.  Instead her body would be trans-shipped as cargo to the community that gave her birth…Airy Hall where she would be laid to rest in her family’s compound.  Her dad who was a former big-zinc at MARDS, is also buried in the family compound behind their official residence.

This writer is tempted to explore the many challenges Desiree faced as a progressive citizen and world class denizen.   But….

Over the last decade Desiree had withdrawn from society.  She was plagued by an illness called “fed-up”… especially from family who kept pestering her for money transfers, food-less food and brand name apparels.

She also went thru a major divorce; her husband had to compete with her son for her attention.  The long and short of his distancing himself from her was catastrophic.

Desiree found solace in her car.  She made it a point of duty, over the last winter, to visit all her friends to say goodbye.  She enjoyed being in her car with the  GPS in a small quaint voice telling her…recalculating after missing a turn rather than the verbal abuse she had to endure even though she was paying all the bills.  Further I say not.

Desiree:  You will be missed this side of heaven for your dexterity and a life-long career in nursing.



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  1. Posted by mignon George on January 23, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Deeply shocked and saddened to read of my Batchmate/friend’s passing…Esther.


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