A memo to the world’s dictators

Singing Francine “Money”

A memo to the world’s dictators

Asset protection and regime change
From: Mirkwood Capital To: High-net-worth rulers – The Economist

“IT IS bad enough to be kicked out of power by an ungrateful mob or a jumped-up colonel. Imagine, though, that after years of public service you and the presidential family are condemned not just to exile in fun-loving Saudi Arabia but also to penury. Unfortunately, the latest reports (see article) are all too true: do-gooding lawyers, interfering officials and vengeful successors pose a growing threat to your savings.

The good news is that we at Mirkwood are here to help. We recognise your hard work as “chief executive” of a benighted nation, the tough decisions you had to take to deal with mendacious critics, the threats you faced from treacherous underlings. Did Bill Gates ever put his life on the line the way you did when you shot your brother? Did Jack Welch have to fill out the ballot papers for tens of millions of illiterate tribesmen? You deserve a decent “retirement fund” in return for your sacrifices. And here is our four-point guide to keeping it safe.

Read more [http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21577386-mirkwood-capital-high-net-worth-rulers-subject-asset-protection-and-regime-change?fsrc=nlw|hig|5-9-2013|5681828|37395330|

Singing Sandra  – Die with my dignity


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