Mother’s Day in this writer’s head should be celebrated nine months after the baby born.  In other words everyday should be mother’s day and those of us who grew up with aunts and uncles,  deferred and absentee parents; ridiculous and sometimish co-ho-hosts; step and pretentious care givers should be celebrating with more vigor hourly and twice on Sundays.

Things are not the way they used to be;  some parents after birth and after the after-birth are forced to  migrate.  The assigned care givers can be ambidextrous…they have both hands in yuh pocket and the children suffer.  It is very difficult to shake off abuses even after several doses of salts, licks, kicks and bricks.  Mothers too morph into being mothers to their own mothers and allow their children…their tails to wag the dogs.  Mothering is about being present when all others use presents instead of presence.  
And in this era of favoritism presented as racism and unfair exchange; pleasantries on mother’s day is both crucial and critical.  We have all become consumers and mall-adjusted wanting more and more and giving less and less.  Less said soon forgotten.
Vulnerable groups may faster get a bruising or a busing on mother’s day rather than a hug or UGGS.  In this era of fast food and re-lying excuses everything has to be said in fewer than 140 words as a pre-text to love.
And not to become carried away and lose the momentum and intent perhaps I should retire the shopping cart and simply present myself as a present this mother’s day.
And lest I forget too it is time to have a woman as Prime Minister for in a faith based movement instead of the fake-based tarantellas running things.  Women make up more than 80 per cent of the workforce; women repatriate more of their income than their male counterparts; women vote en bloc in larger numbers than men and more women give birth to female offspring in Gt.  In other words as an agricultural society, more female babies are born in rural communities;  the opposite is true in other climes.
Forty four per cent of Hispanic Caribbean women migrate while 30 per cent of men do.  Perhaps at the next conclave…I mean manclave of the PPP this summer it should be discussed the reason for the disappearance of women from the society as soon as they become sexually active.  Women are also cutting quarters in the gold field and pumping gas…avenues and opportunities normally reserved for the masculine gender.
A pardna who spent a fortnight in Essequibo cited an observation in which for the first time in the history of Amerindian development, more females are registered in pre-k but unfortunately, twice as many under five kids are suspended from these facilities.  Apparently even at this tender age they are rejecting the divisiveness and lack of diversity and tolerances projected.  And as a result they are prone to verbal and physical abusers.  The captains an touchaus are also consuming Hennessey and Heineken in preference to ‘piwari’ and ‘kashash’…all indigenous and fruit based.
Whatever you give your favorite mom this Mother’s Day be sure to make it fruit based; she too has a shelf life.  And also rather than giving her gas for the Range Rover give her love to rove the range of humility.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.


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