By  EWALT AINSWORTH    05 10 1013

Another decorated officer … Major Joslyn Assanah has fallen on his own sword.  This week he was dragged before the courts without the support and embrace of the  GDF for allegedly raping his own  sister in law on vacation in Guyana last Easter.

The Army from the commander in chief right down had to the last ensign … potential officer recently had to submit to a drug test.  A psychological test was also recommended but side stepped because all are guilty.  The army is also too top heavy and ethnically challenged.   Jagdeo is also getting a good price for the real estate to put down more hotels and casinos off the seashore.  His naughty self is at play;  anything for a dollar…. the hole is the whole problem.

GDF has been deemed naughty by nature and is more about enabling graft rather than protecting  the craft of commonsense and or civility.  Jagdeo has dismantled the credit union, debarred some officers for returning to the gym,  moved the sea wall lime to outside Camp Ayanaganna to destabilize the army and neutered scores of others by  implementing Soviet style tricks and tactics.  A few months ago  APNU’s David Granger, a former brigadier had to go on his knees to plead the release  of former officers who faced a firing squad for allegedly planning a revolt.  Mr Assanah, please be informed that there is a global crisis.  Money is short and in these times no one should ever unzip his or her ‘lungitah.’

Be it known that in the first instance that persons who become soldiers from the onset are at risk…vulnerable for doing what was done to them in their formative years.  Sources close to the affected family claim that the sister in law consented to  perceived normal sex but resented being buggered by the captain who was authorized to wear the uniform of a major.


There are some other known knows about behaviors and tolerances and tolerance levels in the  GDF.  So far this year approximately 100 officers have been court martialled.  A similar amount also have issues pending against them for not toeing the political line.  The GDF with  both Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and President Donald Ramotar know and understand fully the machinations of petty officers.

These names and titles are not idle;  the meaning and behaviors go far above and beyond the words and inks in which they are crafted.
The sister-in-law of Major Assanah knew that her sister was estranged from him but still was able to charm this big man into bed and make the sex transactional.  Face to face and gurrup was alright but everything else was  contingent on the ability to pay.

The government, via the army, determines what is good sex and what is prohibitive and prohibited based on your allegiance and obedience.  You may claim that everything else was consensual and mutual;  be warned that you are dealing with an illegal and illegitimate People’s outfit that is naughty by nature and emotionally driven.

You may have also done it before and know scores of others who did it and still do it.  That is no reason for you to have dishonored spiritual laws of civility and the irreverence of the PPP.  In Guyanese lingo…bare yuh chafe;  you are a big man.
Mr Assanah, you have just ruined your career;  is us or chaos.  ASOMELYKAM.


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