By  Ewalt Ainsworth        05  08 2013

The 8TH OF MAY:  One of the more significant  lives and days in the annals of
recent Guyanese history again passed un-noticed.  Next year will be
different;  Dartmouth will have a whole day to reflect and genuflect and
protect the man that was born in the land of the  Mighty Roraima.

And on that day President Donald Ramotar will have to abort his hustle
and give credence to the man who made all things possible.    Region
two…birth place and movement for all of Guyana’s progress …real and
perceived is now better and brighter.    The private sector employs more
people than the government but unfortunately those farmers re being short
changed by the PPP.          

There are direct flights to  Region two.  Plantains are 25 cents per pound
on the bunch and the natives stash their cash in Francklins, bottom bed…. a
direct affront in the confidence of the current banks and corrupt

Seventy per cent of all exports come from Essequibo.  Essequibo has
moved above and beyond ordinary expectations…a hangover from the
works and times of Prime Minister Dr Ptolemy Reid.  Had he lived the
stealthy Tuskegee trained vet  would be  101 years.  He lives; he loves.
Perhaps we should knock out Indian Arrival Day and replace the holiday as
a  DR REID virtual day…for commonsense at least.  ASOMELYKAM.

President Donald Ramotar has broken his silence in Albion on Indian
immigration day.    In a predominantly all  PPP,  all male all Indian, dahl-
belly public, the ole-man projected his fears of defeat at the upcoming
PPP in-house conclave and power grab.  Ramotar has also projected that
the opposition would bring on food shortages, floods and famine
underlined by foolishness .

This was not a threat but  lack of faith on behalf of the fake-based leader.
President Ramotar does not court black –people  and other Guyanese
unless there is an imminent threat of destabilization;
Dem boy say only  Mboya and Kwame got carte-blanche access.  He  has
little or no faith in a combo of Guyanese of every other age, race, sexual
preference, ethnicity, religion, class and gender.  Ramotar said  more
misery  will persist in Guyana if he is not kept as new.

Mr Ramotar has forgotten that he has made more trips to America in his
18 months as President than in his whole previous life.  President Ramotar has illegally shipped overseas more containers with illegal lumber than he has teeth in his mouth.  President Ramotar has also allowed, in concert with President  Bharrat Jagdeo, 84 executives in the government and party to vaccum the treasuries of their respective organizations.  Last month too  the
fakebased duo slapped together a civilian police and security committee
to make it look like they against corruption and crime after all them money
get devalued oveseas and the affected subjects start to show their  true

Guyanese are hurting and have become the scourge of every host
community.  There is no  shortage of food;  there is an oversupply of fools
who  ship the monies to Greece and Cyprus and Qatar.  The global
economic crisis has halved the value and all these executives are
experiencing mild to severe depression.  Last month the mighty BK..Brian
Tiwari, rammed the majestic Chinese Parika to Supenaaam vessel…
demanding that he be paid outstanding monies.  Businessmen…
immediate past favorites of the PPP are refusing to count their losses
and are protesting vehemently, nationally and overseas.  The farmers and
their respective families see both Ramotar and Jagdeo as fake-based
leaders;  they cannot put their faith in them anymore.  ASOMELYKAM.

Monday was Indian immigration day and  also  DELTA departure day…
both by design.  The former brought out the wrath of President Donald
Ramotar who threatened that a vote for the opposition APNU and or  AFC
will spell more food shorages, plagues, disease, disaster and dissent in
the  GT marketplace.

How low can you go bad minded bishop eh? The foothills of the Rupununi
are  bare; Albion sugar estate has failed for the 17th consecutive year to
meet its target;  the Amerindians in Capoey are being paid to desist from
planting food;  rice farmers in Essequibo cannot be paid for their paddy
and banks are no ,longer treating farmers as investors but as idle suckers.

And yet still President  Ramotar can find his  voice and beat a drum of
hunger and disaster.  Shame-on-you-nigger.

The eve of Indian immigration day President Bharrat Jagdeo in concert
with President Ramotar  read the riot act against the youth from Kitty and
Campbelville and Prashad Nagar for liming on the seawall.   The seawall
lime is a PPP pet project and initiated by them after 1992 but unfortunately
these folks have not barnacled to them and do not vote en-bloc and so they
vex…bex, bex, bex.  The PPP lost region four and from all indications, if
the elections were held today, region six would also be bagged.

Smuggling backtrack is the most vibrant industry.  Essequibo may be
pronounced the most vibrant sector of food but truth be told the plates,
cups, bottles, straws and wrappers that are left behind after the seawall
lime are in Spanish and Chinese to a lesser extent.  Corentyne has lost its
mojo;  blame it on the  FBI…flat-behind-Indian…Jagdeo.  ASOMELYKAM.

On the eve of Indian immigration day too the duo Presidents also
threatened and terrorized the peaceful black folks of Mara and Everton
and Brothers and Sisters.  There has been no re-investment in these
communities since tnhe PPP  came to power two decades ago.  The AFC
and APNU are embedded in the “East Bank Berbice community and the
PPP under the guise of Indian immigration day observances has rushed
Ramotar to Albion.

On the East Bank of Demerara, DELTA airlines  also said ta-ta in the
beginning of the busy summer season.  It is so embarrassing for
Guyanese who cannot even return home because of the short-sightedness
of the  government and PPP leadership.

Here is a diluted version of a reality experience.  Indians do not support
any other airline except  CAL because in the “Burnham era, GAC was
seen as  a black experience.  And by deduction  BWIA now  CAL was the
Indian jitney.   Every other store front airline fell by the wayside because of
flagrant and disporoportionate corruption and deceit.

FLY-JAMAICA a consortium of former GAC operatives is paying thru its
teeth to get on stream even though they have the capacity, the ground
knowledge, expertise and have met all  FAA requirements.  Both
President Jagdeo and President Ramotar have a deep seated dislike for
projects and programs undertaken by every other ethnicity except Indians.
The problem with these men has nothing to to race but more to do with
favoritism.  There is a thin line between race and favoritism and both of
these men will go to hell in a hand-basket during the summer conclave…I mean manclave billed for Port Mourant in August.

Perhaps a good note to conclude on  is that  under 40,  Cheddie  Jagan
Junior…  Son of Joey and grandson of the late great Cheddie Bharrat
Jagan, is tipped to replace his outside brother…Bharrat Jagdeo, a loser of
magnanimous proportiuons.  TALK HALF/LEFF HALF.


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