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BY  EWALT AINSWORTH         05 06 2013

A selling it the same way a buy and the source of information is two fold.  Monday is ta-ta for  DELTA.   Monday May 6, 2013  was the last day  DELTA airlines is flying to Guyana.  FLY JAMAICA was officially supposed to be on high  and in the air  but this is Guyana.  You have to pay to play and even though the issue of deposits and security have been worked out problems continue to plague the consortium of former  GAC employees.

CARIBBEAN AIRLINES has cut back significantly on its flights to  GT;  EASY JET gone belly-up and the people suffer because of corruption endemic in the crevices and  highest places.   

Last week a big man was coming for his aunt’s funeral in Hadfield Street had to fly to Cuba first and then to Jamaica and on to Trinidad before making it home even though he had a reservation with CA.  Truth be told he was 10th in line at JFK when a woman and family of Indian origin bumped him.  Rather than boxing her neck off, he allowed wisdom to prevail and took the long way home.  ASOMELYKAM.

Too often and too many times the PPP acts and behaves without brought-upsy.  Is always “us or chaos;”  this is what they pray for and this is what they get in Linden, in Parika, in Asishalton, in Brandtwagt-sari and every other ethnic enclave.

Greed and avarice and un-processed rite is crippling the economy and bringing out the worst in citizens and denizens.  The airline fiasco is a diluted example of the farcical philosophy and falsity of a devolving class of pseudo-politicians. The streaming greed of the PPP also  has derailed all plans for a sovereign airline in the iq-592-republic.

A few short months ago a former security operative of Berbice heritage was going home from the Bronx via La Guardia to Georgia and on to  Bom Finn  in Brazil.

The first leg of the journey to Georgia was uneventful but once he transferred planes he sat next to a half a dozen government officials from Guyana.  They had come up the night before to Georgia from Georgetown to pick up a link to Brazil on official business.
It should be mentioned that the initial patriot has his official residence in Bonn Finn and every now and then would venture by mini-bus and  or charter service to travel to Georgetown.  The PPP encourages its operatives to use the most expensive, drawn out and litigious process to do the people’s business.

The second person to discuss the sudden pull out of DELTA was a management representative who lived years ago at Fort Wellington in Region five.
Apparently former President Jagdeo hitched a ride on DELTA and was disappointed that he was not given red carpet service.  And by that Jagdeo meant that after he had boarded, the doors were left open and several other ethnically challenged passengers took up seats next to and behind him.  Jagdeo also ordered a platter of assorted pealed fruits as his on-flight dinner;  the grapes were both seedless and unpeeled.
The former dictator took offence as if the dark fruits imported from a northern clime…suggesting that he too had a shelf life and seedless.

Changing gears.  FLY-JAMAICA is having the time of its life getting permission to land and take off at Timehri.  The government of Jamaica has joined the fray and have been quietly nudging the PPP to accept the indigenous airline.  The problem now seems to be at the middle management level.  All the other former airlines that serviced Guyana, mid level PPP and Civil aviation operatives demanded certain perks and privileges.  For example six seats on every flight in and out of Guyana had to be reserved for the wives, and knives who indulge in international shopping sprees.

FLY-JAMAICA has drawn the line and will not bow or cow-tow to the pressures.  Everything will be transparent and above board and for this they prefer to pay the price up front rather than somewhere downs the line.  ASOMELYKAM.

Lord Laro – Foreign Press


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