By  EWALT AINSWORTH        05 05 2013

Saturday May 5, 2012
It Should be great fun Sunday nite to see stiff-waist Works and Transport Minister  Robeson Benn dismantle and bruck-up the traditional  loud and reckless lime that seems to be  affecting the  higher-ups and touchaus of the PPP.  The seawall Sunday nite lime is a staple in Gt;  there is where the pom-pom shorts and air-force-ones and tattoos and dread  locks blow in the Sunday nite wind.

Sunday nite on the seawall is also a nice nite to build a weed head and imbibe   CORONA or  HEINEKEN smuggled in from  Curacao.    The government has no business running amok and running  their mouth and running them out from  Conversation Tree.  Youth is the time to be young and must never be censored or reversed.  ASOMELYKAM.  

MC-HAMMER for too long has been allowed to knock down, knock back, knock off, knock in, knock around  and knock out commonsense and  civil programs….knock-on-wood.  And if you cant beat them, just join them.  The lime is normally held on the seawall  catering for youthies…too young to get married but not too young to make love.
Comrade Benn…popularly known as  MC-HAMMER has snatched away the assignment to move the lime and wine event further west…in the vicinity of Camp street and band stand outside of the Pegasus.  This way the noise pollution will not flow into the hollows of the PPP conclave members living in Sparendaam and Pradoville and other ethnically challenged estates.
Sunday Update: May 6, 2013
Seawall vendors, limers stay away  
By Denis Scott Chabrol  – Demerara Waves – Sunday, 05 May 2013The usually crowded section of the Georgetown Seawall on Sunday appeared almost desolate.
Hundreds of vendors and seawall ‘limers’ on Sunday heeded calls by authorities to stay away from the seawall along the Rupert Craig Highway between the Russian embassy turn and Conversation Tree.Barriers that are usually placed on the southern carriageway to prevent vehicles from parking were shifted to the northern carriageway this Sunday in keeping with a decision by the Public Works Ministry.“This prohibition is as a result of damage to the sea defence infrastructure, excessive build up of garbage in the drains and canals leading to flooding, and the increase traffic congestion and its related safety risks, especially on Sundays and holidays,” the Public Works Ministry said in a statement. Subryanville, Bel Air, Blygizight and Liliendaal were flooded almost two weeks ago by surges during Spring Tide due to heavy winds over the Atlantic Ocean. Authorities blamed choked drains due to garbage left behind by vendors and patrons and clogged canals and drains that have not been cleared in recent times by the Georgetown municipality.Comparatively, there were few persons on that stretch of the seawall and a small number of vendors shifted their operations to the Kitty Seawall area. However, when Demerara Waves visited that area, vendors and vehicles jostled for space on the narrow Seawall Road.The ministry said that for the public’s convenience and safety, between Camp Street and Vlissengen Road will be a one-way going east, the street lights on the embankment will be activated and the embankment will be cleaned to facilitate parking and vending.One vendor, who began selling at the old location since 2004 said business was extremely slow. “We are trying to get ourselves together but it’s not like the original place. If was like the original place, we would have already started to do business,” Dale Williams told Demerara Waves Online News ( “We getting ‘one-one’ sales in between but is like we are starting all over again like first.”

He said this week, he and his wife did not prepare a lot of food items for sale because they knew that they would have been moving to a new location. Others affected by the movement of vending and recreational activities include itinerant vendors and an ice supplier, chair rental service and junkies who help to push vendors’ carts.

He acknowledged that garbage disposal was a major problem. While vendors were prepared to dispose of their garbage properly, there was no guarantee that customers would do likewise.

When vendors attend a meeting on Wednesday (May 8 at 9:30 AM) at the Ministry of Public Works, Fort Street, Kingston, they will be told that they will be granted an “initial” three month permit. Vendors usually operate mobile units, drink carts and hot dog stands.

Williams noted that the Rupert Craig Highway stretch of the seawall was not only a recreational spot for Guyanese but also for Brazilians, Venezuelans and other foreigners.


Reports out of the iq592 republic also suggest that too much thrash is left behind after the events.  Is anybody thinking here eh?
President Fidel Castro of Cuba some years ago suggested that tourism did the greatest harm and pollution to his community and country.  Without naming names, Guyana is not about tourism;  Guyana is about money laundlering.
In Canada  immediately after  CARIBANA and or even in Brooklyn after  LABOR DAY the trucks and hoses and brooms and street cleaners come out in droves.  But this PPP government is not about cleanliness, a holistic approach to development and or the right for people to recreate and socialiser.   The PPP has dumbed down inter and intra relations.  The cultural center is a virtual white elephant;  The Theatre Guild faces extinction and the zoo is over-ridden with crab grass and salipenters.  The Botanical Gardens is a host community for caymans and alligators and the drive-in-cinema a virtual parking lot.
The former regime made every citizen a soldier; the manikearms have made Guyanese loafers, losers and lack-lustrous.  ASKOMELYKAM.

Presidential watchers have also been looking at the new  CHRYSLER fleet of vehicles assigned and the increased rate of speed and noise levels to protect and ensnare the commoners.  Perhaps MC-HAMMER in his zeal to be viewed as goodie-goodie should cool down his temper and join the young people in a fine lime and fine wine rather than being this arrogant and that stupid in this season of independence and gaiety.

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