BY  EWALT AINSWORTH      04 26 2013

A tug boat owned by BK INDUSTRIES slammed into one of the Chinese-made Parika ferries mid-week crippling all services to Supenaam, Wakenaam, Leguan and Bartica.


Guyana’s barefoot consul-general to Spain and personal friend of both Presidents seems to be in a revengeful mode.  Fake  electronic transfers of  euros….pisa…mullahs…. money and payments due to farmers seems to be at the heart of the problem that the police seems to be awaiting instructions while  rotting food  and starving small animals feature prominently.  Stench from as far away as ten miles from each of the affected stellings fills the air.  Underage  passengers in cars seem to be having fun playing litty and gam while the adults beerbate and debate the wounds two men of questionable character lead the country into disaster after disaster…as if it is the national past time.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the hole after the slam-bam impact was as big as a hangar for a two car garage or a kitchen on a rural house. 

This writer will deliberately stay away from underlying transactions, bribes and clandestine fake friendships between and among the presidents and their crew;.. and exposing the rift between the  CEO and the Presidency.  Monies owed seem to be the motive and the police dare not put a hand; there is no haste to investigate or intimidate and or incarcerate. The era of fake-based initiatives on behalf of the collective PPP and government is over.  Intelligence emerging from the iq-594 republic underlines the tenuousness of the industrial and agricultural sectors especially.  Women’s groups are also disappointed in the PPP not in any haste to incarcerate for exploitation of vulnerable societies.  The next 72 hours will determine if civil Essequibo farmers, Ituni loggers, Linden bauxite workers, East Bank Berbice taxi operators et al will form a consortium and continue protests outside of parliament.

There is an ole-time thing big people used to say…beg pardon mek lil boy mash big man foot.  In the Essequibo delta the police and investigative sleuths have absolutely no incentive to investigate the fleecing or the plight rice farmers.  These are the same farmers that voted them in power a year ago and now they are being robbed and there is nothing we can do about it.  President Donald Ramotar who is an original native of Region two has been faking the well being and well fare of the populace.
Truth be told   President Ramotar is a direct beneficiary of the lawlessness, scams and illegal export of all things precious and rare from the Amerindian reservations, rolling terrain and waterways in the delta.  At least if nothing else, he has learned to keep a stiff lip and closed mouth on behalf of his partner in crime…President Bharrat Jagdeo.  But this God don’t sleep; everything is cyclical.
The planned protests next week are moving full steam ahead.
The irony of the thing is that when Linden protested the NOT WORKING MILLION DOLLAR water cannon truck and Hincken and TSU were all deployed.  There is no haste to investigate and or incriminate.  The farmers are showing their displeasure by disabling mechanically and ramming the Chinese vessel that brings food, people, products and equipment to Georgetown.
Essequibo farmers are also pissed about the displacing of water taxis in the region.  Observers claim that there has been a 36 per cent decrease in women travelling and a commensurate increase of assaults against women.
The argument is that with water taxis it was touch and go and more people travelled day light hours.
The Chinese boats operate late evenings and criminal minds set out deliberately to stalk and assault.  Even airlines are reporting a drop in female passengers to Gt because of out of control cops and the political disincentives to investigate and incriminate. 

The ramming by the tug into the Chinese vessel that bridges Parika with Supenaam late Wednesday is a serious incident. Essequibo farmers are also pissed over the reduction of the water taxis  Before the ferries water taxis ferried them in groups of ten, however, these taxis are now being targeted and harassed under the pretext of “safety concerns”, so with each passing day the protests grow exponentially.    ASOMELYKAM.

A month earlier a rice farmer in Wakenaam blocked the gangway to the vessel for hours in protest of the failure to repair and maintain proper schedules to the island.  With each passing day the complaints and protests are growing and even migrating to parliament building.
The Police as usual are paralysed and are not given the leverage to investigate much less incarcerate  as the PPP supports and maintains widespread corruption a s a weapon of  mass and visible consumption.

Silence gives consent for central executive and a chosen few to rape the populace and the resources of the country.
This weekend in Victoria will see the Wilberforce burial of Ms Baby Prince who was sodomized in the community that gave her birth.  There was a race to incarcerate a black person but it seems as if a redemption song is in the air.

President Bharrat Jagdeo has set the tone over the years in grabbing land and acquiring buildings as part of his dream scheme.  Some are quick to utter that it is part of Indian culture to acquire land at any cost.

This misconception is baloney.

President Jagdeo’s problem is about unprocessed rage.  He is twice more angry than his constituents and there is nohaste to incriminate others for fear that he too will come under surveillance.

Here is a video that highlights aome of the issues that Essequibo rice farmers have, as they demonstrate in front of Parliament:  Click to view:

Essequibo Rice farmers travel to Georgetown to vent their frustration on a number of issues – 24th Apr 2013

Posted: 24 Apr 2013 05:20 PM PDT – Capitol News Video

Rice farmers from the Essequibo Coast, today took their concerns in front of Parliament as they continued to protest against what they called Government’s failure to address their concerns. Among their worries, are the rapid ‘bug’ infestation of their crop, poor paddy pricing and post dated cheques issued by some millers. …….

Simply, the people of Essequibo want their money for the rice, Gold, Lumber and all other products that are shuttled to European and Mid-east destinations.  There is enough evidence to link the ramming of the Chinese vessel off of Parika to the shafting of the farmers and other productive groups in the delta.  ASOMELYKAM


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