By  EWALT AINSWORTH         04 21 2013

Two weeks…almost a fortnight after the sodomizing and gruesome killing of Baby Prince, 90 in the People’s Republic of Victoria delta the police has refused to look within the Indian communities for her alleged assailants.  Good policing is oft times methodical but in Gt there is no method to the madness…. and laziness.  In Gt is about ketching-a-packoo-and-bruck-he-neck.

Good policing also has to do with the same officers walking the beat day in and day out; knowing the language of the streets, the queens, princesses, princes and in-betweens.
The Babylon must be part of the fabric and must trust and be trusted, and getting to know their customers and provide intelligence that they can take to court.
The PPP has allowed the inter and intra relationships between people and police to be transactional; pay something to get something.  In this case…justice.  Advantage can never done is the cry in the PRV.  

Too often, the society is polarised and because of accident of ethnicity one group is allowed to take advantage of the other never knowing and understanding the blow-b(l)ack effect.  The PRV may plead the fifth at this juncture but will not lose sight of the advances the PPP is making to cause mayhem and total destruction to a once civil society.

Baby Prince’s death is personal; she was like family.  Each visit in the 25 years this writer has migrated and returned home was underlined and celebrated with canary red papaws, splendid green sijans, javex bottle-sized container filled with casareep…the black stuff for pepperpot and all you can eat speckled ripe mangoes.
And the wife would stock up on sticks of chocolate, a wash-hand basin sized bowl with sapodilla and quinches soaked upside down.  When guava is in season we would get the cheese and if there is dungs, she would hand over the best in addition to coconut patties and tarts.. homemade.  Baby Prince was a giver and not a taker and no Victorian or equine in his or her right mind will touch much less molest the baby or any other off- shoot that this writer knew and love…not in a month of Sundays.

  Truth be told, she had a ruction side and it showed but her familiarity with peoples…she was a good neighbor and knew how to be independent and knot a dollar or two.   And if I did not show up to pick it up on the eve of my departure, be assured her son Premi would make a detour with his mini bus and await me at the airport in loud appeal…tek dis;  yuh girl send it.”

Her nieces  and nephews…Cortney, KOK, May-May, Constance, Vincent, Ear, Eddy and
Cheeselyn among others…the self defense tactics I know is because of them all.
Baby Prince  may not have the greatest footprint and or resume but her tolerance level and level of tolerance was always admirable.  She lived to be ninety and touch with one son of mixed heritage the mighty Premy…a premiere family friend.

And instead of doing real-real police work and looking at motives have unearthed SMALL BOY…a retired fowl thief and petty thief.  One can surmise that with the re-branding of Polaroid police executives the old thieves in the village are also brought back into prominence… who also surfaced as a possible killer of Gunners 25 years ago in the same locale.

Small Boy is a known quantity in Victoria who raises a family, does productive work in the district.  He is a few short years of qualifying for NIS.

The mother of the current Transport Minister in Gt is Patricia Benn is acknowledging her relationship with the deceased…maiden name Prince…the Berbice branch, is somewhat puzzled, disappointed but not defeated by the lack of willingness on behalf of the police guided by the divisive policies of the PPP.

Ms Benn fell short of saying that advantage could never done.  Other reports also suggest that the day Baby was discovered naked and dead in a suburb of the PRV, a day care center administrator in Enterprise…a short drop fare away discovered that a particular client did not show up for school.
The parents of the client apparently were from the PRV originally and still maintain their relationships there.

Anyhow, the day care center administrator was informed and she in turn passed the suspicion on to the police.
Three Indian men were immediately taken into custody at Vigilance Police Station.  Apparently these three men spent the weekend in custody but were not charged.  A young policewoman who was paid a crisp US one hundred dollars set the men free.

Almost simultaneously upon their release,   BOUND-TKO-DRUNK…his son….also a known quality in the PRV was picked up but subsequently released because like SMALL BOY, lives a relatively productive life.

Family and friends of the Prince family are looking to bury Baby on the 28th from the Methodist church in the PRV where she is a staunch member.  The family has also been doing some investigations on their own, and is leaning towards bringing crime sleuths from Jamaica, as the worst possible alternative to the Guyana Police.

It is also bandied around as a motive of the killing of Baby is the perennial problem between and among blacks and Indians in Indian enclaves.  Her Indian neighbors have been struggling to acquire and or covet two or three extra feet of land immediately behind her residence.  Every time her neighbors will extend their fence to include her plot and a busing and a cuss out will ensure.  Many have come to believe that Indians…because of the heavy handedness and discriminatory practices of the government will always seek to take advantage of lesser mortals.

Another motive too is the setting free of a young black man in Cove and John who came to the aid of his wife who was being raped by three Indian men.  One of the men who attempted to rape the young lady is now paralysed.  The victim at the time of the attempted rape suffered the additional loss of her baby; she was in advanced stage of pregnancy at the time of the assault.

Recent reports coming out of the PRV delta also suggest that 70 per cent of all ranks in the GPF have resigned in some way, shape or form from the force because the incentives are not there and “advantage can never done under the PPP.”  Perhaps Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee should enter the fray and save his face or lose it; what goes around comes around.



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