Banks DIH gears up for better beer


Banks DIH gears up for better beer

Banks-DIH logo(Demerara Waves- April 19, 2013)

Banks DIH Limited has begun its multi-million dollar modernization of its brewery at Thirst Park to produce large quantities and higher quality beer.

The company has started the installation of 14 Unitanks at Thirst Park Complex as part of the Company’s Brewery Modernization programme.

Four of the unitanks each has a storage capacity of 1500 hectolitres while the other 10 can store 900 hectolitres each of products.

Mr. Gavin Todd, Banks DIH Limited Engineering Executive said the main objectives of the project are to modernize the brewery with state-of-the-art equipment and to increase its capacity.  He added that the Company will also benefit greatly in energy conservation.        

“These unitanks are equipped to carry out two different tasks   – fermentation and maturation of the product.    At present three different tanks are used. With this new system there will be less movement of the products,” Mr. Todd noted.

He said the unitanks are fitted with cooling coils which will assist in cooling the tanks unlike the cold storage rooms that are currently in place.

The installation is being done by engineers from Krones AG of Germany with assistance from their counterparts from Banks DIH Limited.

The modernization of the Brewery also includes the installation of a Kettle and Wort Cooling System.

Mr. Todd said the estimated time of completion of Project One will be August 2013.

Banks DIH Limited would like to take this opportunity to apologise and thank the travelling public who may have been inconvenienced during the installation of the vessels.



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